Ziff Davis -Bankrupt?!?!

It’s always sad to hear about a company go under. In this case
it’s a company that has been around the block for quite some time
now so it’s even harder-the publisher of PC Magazine (and others)
has filed for bankruptcy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the
company is gone,it means that it’s in big trouble.

According to a press release it hopes to be ok (and get rid of a 225$ mil.
debt) by next year…


One thought on “Ziff Davis -Bankrupt?!?!

  1. It was sad to hear this after all the years of reading Z-D publications. Recently PC Magazine seemed to take a new direction and I was not planning on renewing (I’ll read a car magazine if I want to learn about automotive features). They did an about face in some respects but then changed the distribution from twice a month to monthly in 2008. I expected to see more content in the new magazine, but alas, it was the same as before. They have an outstanding testing lab so I’d hate to see the publication’s demise.

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