Ejecting USB devices

Since the advent of USB devices the question of their ejection has always been looming,specifically
for storage devices? Is it safe to remove them,will I lose the data I saved to them? After losing
quite a few files this way I have decided to safely eject every device I have by using the Safely
Remove Hardware dialog box.

The problem with this dialog box is that first of all you need to find it in an already cluttered systems
tray. The second problem is that it is confusing and if you do not want to disconnect the incorrect
you need to double click the item to make sure…too long of a process for a simple ejection.


So, looking for a solution I have found a neat application called ‘USB Disk Ejector’. This application has
a CLI version and a GUI version that can be used to display the devices that are connected and eject
them. It’s main advantage is it’s clear display of the devices connected to the system:


Instead of having to guess you are simply shown what each line represents and as I mentioned it can also be
used as a CLI command which enables some scripting if needed:

You can download this small and useful tool at:


2 thoughts on “Ejecting USB devices

  1. Try checking that box “Display Device Components” – makes it much better, because you can then see which device you are asking to eject. And, because it’s a check-box, it’s a saved setting that will show up next time you click the button.

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