Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility (Vista & Win2k8)

The fact that NT Backup is nowhere to be found on Vista and Windows 2008 disappointed me.
Given, NT Backup wasn’t the tool of choice for backing up systems but I always had the comfort
of knowing that it’s there in the background and that if I needed a quick and dirty solution
it would help me out…

There are several solutions for this problem,one of them is to copy over a few files and have
NT Backup up and running again (not sure if this doesn’t violate the EULA though). A nagging
question though is what happens if you ran a backup on Win2k3 or XP and you want to restore
it on Win2K8 or Vista…Well here is the solution, Microsoft released a restore utility that
will work on Win2k8 and Vista:

Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility Download

You can download either the x86 or the 64 bit version. Once downloaded make sure to start the
Removable Storage Management service and then install the file.

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