Windows Live FolderShare Beta

Windows Live FolderShare is a new service from Microsoft that allows you tosynchronize files across your computers.   As an example if you have several computers that you use (one at work andone at home) by using this service you can designated Personal Libraries thatwill synchronize the information across those computers. On the other hand you can also designated Public Libraries for files you wouldlike to share with your friends. For this to function you need to install client software on the systems you would like toparticipate.   You can try it at:

Windows Command Line

The Windows command line interface is a powerful tool. Most people might shrug awayfrom it since they feel that it is not flexible enough…to those people I dedicate this post. Microsoft has a released a command line reference that can be found here.

Another week passes another mind controlled device

So for the last few weeks these devices just keep on popping up. This week it seemsthat a new device can mouth words for you. In other words if you are unwilling/unableto say something out loud this device will do it for you. Another major advantage is that people using cell phones will no longer have to sharetheir conversation with everyone around them. The device is called Audeo and it is being developed by a company called Ambient.

Microsoft and Apple co-operating on ActiveSync

Wow-this is a surprise,or is it? iPhone is cool. iPhone wants to go enterprise. No matter how you look at it the iPhone is a cool gadget,but thenagain would you buy something that’s simply cool and ineffective? Dunno. Adding ActiveSync to the mix opens a whole new world before the iPhone and connectsa large number of iPhone owners (and potential owners) to Microsoft infrastructures that control the enterprise environment (why use GMAIL/Blackberry). So if you look at it this way,it makes sense for Apple and Microsoft to co-operateon this since it’s a win-win situation for both. Oh,bottom line-iPhone will support … Continue reading Microsoft and Apple co-operating on ActiveSync

Ziff Davis -Bankrupt?!?!

It’s always sad to hear about a company go under. In this caseit’s a company that has been around the block for quite some timenow so it’s even harder-the publisher of PC Magazine (and others)has filed for bankruptcy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that thecompany is gone,it means that it’s in big trouble. According to a press release it hopes to be ok (and get rid of a 225$ mil.debt) by next year…,1,145982.story

StartKey Windows companion

Posts and stories have been popping up about this in the last couple of weeks on the web. Microsoft and Sandisk seem to be developing a replacement for the U3 software used on diskon keys that will enable a user to store his “profile” on the diskon key thus making it portable. There aren’t too many details available so it is unclear at this stagewhat “profile” means yet the concept is interesting. As a user you willbe able to carry your personal data and settings between computerswithout actually owning one…

Singularity – A new OS from Microsoft

Microsoft is releasing a new OS (free of charge for non-commercial and academic use).The OS is part of a research project lead by Microsoft Research that aims to builda dependable system by employing innovative solutions from different fields. Sounds vague enough for me, so to delve deeper go to:

Mind Controlled Mouse by OCZ

This is the third post on the subject of new user interfaces to computersin the last couple of weeks and the second one on mind controlled user interfaces(I hadn’t planned it,but it seems that different device just keep popping up). OCZ has created and demonstrated a mind controlled (erm…Neural Impulse Actuator)mouse at CES (Vegas…yes it hurts). Basically this looks like a headband that measures muscle movement, eye movement andbrain waves. It needs to be calibrated and you are ready to go. This has been in the works for approximately an year or so yet it seems that it hasgone into … Continue reading Mind Controlled Mouse by OCZ

Cold Boot Attack – Continued…

In a previous post I covered the cold boot attack paper written by the good peopleat Princeton. One thing that they mentioned was that they built an application that candump the data stored in RAM yet they aren’t publishing as it may be used to cause harm… Well guess what? Someone else built one and published it-Just for the fun of it. Wesley McGrew built it and he publishes it on his blog, calling the application msramdmp… Before publishing this post I thought to myself,is Wesley ethical to create such a tool andprovide it freely?Am I ethical to give it … Continue reading Cold Boot Attack – Continued…

Microsoft Exchange Load Generator

The Exchange Load Generator (LoadGen) document describes installing Exchange Load Generator on a client computer and then steps through configuring, creating, running, customizing, repeating, and stopping the test. Information is provided about the user interface, the XML configuration file, and the command-line program, each of which performs specific functions of the tool. Additionally, there are topics for using System Monitor and LoadGen data, things to consider when looking at test results, and consolidating System Monitor data and analyzing LoadGen. Non-task descriptions include operational recommendations, features of the tool, and a reference of performance counters. Exchange Load Generator is used as … Continue reading Microsoft Exchange Load Generator