Shutting down from the sidebar

To me, the sidebar was an odd feature of Vista. It reminded of the old Officetoolbar(which I never used), yet as time passes it is starting to grow on memainly to the useful gadgets people build for it. One such useful gadget is the Control System gadget that allows you toshut down(including all iterations:standby,hibernate etc.) your system from the sidebar: Download it here.

BitLocker and WinPE

Continuing the BitLocker related posts, I wanted to reveal a tip I intend to discussin the third part of my BitLocker post series: accessing BitLocker encrypted volumesby using WinPE. If something went terribly wrong with your Windows installation you are in a badsituation since not only can you not load Windows but since you can’t load Windowsyou can’t access you data (since it is protected by BitLocker that is a feature ofWindows). You may attempt to access your data by loading WinPE, yet obviously since thedata is encrypted you will see the drives blank…interesting bind. Have no fear though, your … Continue reading BitLocker and WinPE

BitLocker – Implementation (Part 2 of 3)

It has been a while since I wrote the first part, much longer then I planned but as the saying goes: Man plans,God smiles… In the first part of the series I have described what is Bitlocker and how it works, now it’s time to get your hands dirty and implement it. As with any process, planning/preparing will increases the chances of success and in the case of Bitlocker it doesn’t really matter wether you plan to implement it on one system or one thousand systems some planning is necessary. Planning/preparing the process The preparations for Bitlocker implementation concentrate on … Continue reading BitLocker – Implementation (Part 2 of 3)

Delaying outgoing messages in Outlook

…or saving yourself some embarrassment after making a mistake in an outgoingmessage… I ma guessing that this has happened to all of you, and it has obviously happenedto me- you press the Send button on an e-mil and notice that [replace with your ownexperience] you have placed an incorrect recipient in the To/CC/Bcc fields . Youfeel your stomach sink, you rush to your Outbox folder(it has a tendency to hide when this happens) and you find out that it’s gone…Then you need to write a messageexplaining/apologizing for the previous message… By configuring a few rules in Outlook you can actually … Continue reading Delaying outgoing messages in Outlook

Decision Taking – Man vs Machine

A couple of days I had a long discussion about who would I trust to take correctdecisions,man or machine? I held the opinion that a man should always be taking the decisions since I sometimesprefer prefer decisions that are actually based on gut feelings or emotions. Mycounterpart to the discussion claimed that machines have the ability to take rational decisions since they are not affected by emotions and they are driven by pure logic. We never reached the point of discussing a hybrid system, but oddly enough I bumpedinto the following piece of news that shows the result of a … Continue reading Decision Taking – Man vs Machine

Windows Indexing Status Sidebar Gadget

Ever wondered what is the status of the Windows Indexing service? How manyitems did it go through,in what state it is? Well,now you can view it’s status by simply looking at a sidebar gadget created byBrandon Paddock. Download it from here.  

First Surface in retail

Surface seems like a very cool technology but it still seems out of reach,well not anymore! Microsoft announced that on April the 17th Surface will makeit’s first consume debut with AT&T. It is unclear as to what AT&T customers in (San Francisco,New York,Atlanta andSan Antonio will be able to do with it but it seems that they will be able to enjoycomparing phones placed on Surface and a few additional tricks.