It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Lately everywhere I look everything is turning green. We are all becoming very aware
of how our actions affect our planet and how bad we are by not recycling and buying
stuff that is green. Heck,there’s even a whole new industry and consulting firms
that will help you be greener!

Lately, I took part in a project to erect a new (small) office. Among other things we had
to provide the computer equipment to be used in that office. When we were finished with installing it,we
were standing in front of a huge pile of cardboard boxes,plastic wrappers, warranty booklets and
CD-ROMs (for the drivers offcourse…). At this point I asked myself, how does it help
to have all of these ‘green’ initiatives that are mainly focused on consumers (in some cases
to soothe their conscience) when the large conglomerates create huge amounts of junk
with excessive packaging?!?

Why can’t these companies minimize the packaging? Why does a mouse or a webcam have
come in a cardboard and plastic box that is twice (if not more) the size of the product itself?

Wouldn’t the reducing of unnecessary packaging contribute more to our planet then
investing in campaigns saying how green you are?

[I do understand the importance of packaging for branding and sales,but still-so much junk for
one mouse/keyboard/webcam/phone?!?!?]

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