Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

I know, this is a late post. It’s out for a quite a while and others have blogged about it, yet after finally installing it and playing around with it all I can say is WOW! I am not an astronomer nor am I an astronomy enthusiast-I am standard person that is at awe considering that using his PC he can view the skies and the objects that hide behind the skies. I am not going to get all technical in this post either,simply download the application and start exploring-the truth is out there! 🙂

The Ultimate OS Usability Test

As time passes, computers become more of an commodity and less unusual. When Istarted using computers, people regarded them with some suspicion. Nobody reallyunderstood what that box and screen will be used for in the future and some even thoughtthat we were wasting our time using it. Today, everyone uses a computer. The computer has become a tool that helps you doyour work, watch TV, listen to music, pay your bills and play. The user interface that turns a computer (that is essentially a heap of metal and plastic) intoa usable tool is the OS and software running on top … Continue reading The Ultimate OS Usability Test

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools V1

As a photographer in the past (and from time to time at present) this is a dreamcome true for me. This tool from Microsoft enables the user to add metadata to his photographs…at this stage you might say that it’s no big deal,this was possiblein the past, yet with this application the amount of metadata that you can add toa photograph is HUGE. In addition to the standard metadata , you can also add locationinformation from a GPS and you can place the information on a Microsoft Virtual Earthmap building your route and pictures.   Download:Microsoft Pro Photo Tools V1 … Continue reading Microsoft Pro Photo Tools V1

Search Commands for Office

One of the major changes in Office 2007 is in the user interface. The olduser interface has been replaced by ribbons. Each ribbon represents a setof commands,and to be honest at first(and sometimes still) I found it annoyingsince I couldn’t find commands I previously could. On the other hand, a very welcomed change in the Vista user interface is the searchbox in the start menu. You type the first few letters of a command or a file nameand the interfaces presents possible options using a previously created index. So why isn’t there such a tool for Office, a tool that … Continue reading Search Commands for Office

BitLocker Repair Tool

If you have been following my blog you know that I have a series of postsabout BitLocker. The third part is still missing in action, but a new toolfrom Microsoft will be sure to make a guest appearance in that post:BitLocker Repair Tool. This tool helps access data encrypted with BitLocker if the hard disk has beenphysically damaged. This tool attempts to reconstruct critical data from the driveand salvage any recoverable data. To decrypt the data, a recovery password or recovery key is required. In somecases, a backup of the key package is also required.Use this command-line tool if the … Continue reading BitLocker Repair Tool

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Lately everywhere I look everything is turning green. We are all becoming very awareof how our actions affect our planet and how bad we are by not recycling and buyingstuff that is green. Heck,there’s even a whole new industry and consulting firmsthat will help you be greener! Lately, I took part in a project to erect a new (small) office. Among other things we hadto provide the computer equipment to be used in that office. When we were finished with installing it,wewere standing in front of a huge pile of cardboard boxes,plastic wrappers, warranty booklets andCD-ROMs (for the drivers offcourse…). … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Enabling Remote Desktop Remotely

One of the most annoying things in the world (ok,I may be exaggerating a bit),is to install a new server and forget to enable remote desktop (extra points for a remote site). If this happens you can either use some type of IPKVM to connect to the server andenable remote desktop or, with some Registry editing, you can enable it remotely. Open the registry editor (Start>Run>REGEDIT) File>Network Registry Enter the name of the computer you want to enable Remote Desktop on Navigate to: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server Edit (or create) fDenyTSConnection Set it’s value to 0 Restart the remote system (shutdown -m … Continue reading Enabling Remote Desktop Remotely