Access Based Enumeration (ABE)

Neither the concept, nor the implementation are new-so why blog about it? Well,it seems that ABE received a lot less attention then it should have. Most networked operating systems will allow you to share information, and based on your permissions you will only be able to “see” the resources that you can actually access. Microsoft Windows has been (and to some extent still is) different. With Windows, you can see all objects inside a specific network share, even if you have no permissions on the object itself. In other words, if a share exists (say ”Home Folders”) and you access … Continue reading Access Based Enumeration (ABE)

Hyper-V is in the wild

Yesterday,and ahead of time, the final version of Hyper-V was released. You can find product details at the following link. If you would like to download the update for your Windows 2008 system, click here. on Hyper-V

There is nothing better then dogfooding to prove that you believe in yourproduct. I stumbled upon a post on the Windows Server Division Blogdescribing the process of moving the website to Hyper-V:

UC practical demo

I stumbled upon a video that demos the abilities of Microsoft UC. It looks at it from the lighter side by building upon the plot of the “Devil Wears Prada”. I found this demo to be one of the better demos I have witnessed, it simply shows how technology can be used to help day-to-day tasks without adding in any marketing fluff or overbearing technical details.

Knight Rider is back

If you were around during the eighties there is no way you could have avoided Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff: I used to love the show,the notion of a speaking car that could think for itself seemed unbelievable and cool at the same time. Lately, there is a revival of this show as a pilot for a new series has been aired with several differences. David Hasselhoff is no longer the star of the show(he does make a cameo appearance during the pilot) and KITT is replaced by a killer Mustang: Now while on the subject of Knight Rider, it … Continue reading Knight Rider is back

Dance Charge by Orange

Don’t you hate it when your mobile devices run out of power? What’s the solution: dancing! Well according to Orange it is. Orange released a and armband that uses kinetics to charge your devices. In other words, while you flap your hands around and call it dancing your mobile device will be charging. The device will be offered at the Glastonbury music festival (June 27-29).

The age of distraction

We live in an age of distraction. It seems that everything is geared towards getting our attention,everywhere you turn information is poured upon you. Personally, I find it very hard to concentrate on a specific topic these days because of that. When working on something it seems that temptation lurks everywhere, all of a sudden we are surrounded by other “things” that seem more interesting at that moment…is this due to a flaw in the human psyche,or is it, that today we do actually live in the age of distraction? Look at the Internet,from a small network it has turned … Continue reading The age of distraction

Windows Live Translator

Ever wondered how to say something in a different language? Note the option to translate a full web page.

Love my mobile phone

In my line of work, I find myself having to coordinate between different people (from different companies) to complete tasks. This seems to be a fairly simple issue, yet as it turns out, what seems to be simple isn’t necessarily so… When coordinating between people that have dependent tasks, some people have the tendency to entrench themselves in counterproductive positions while blaming the other side for the failure. This is emphasized when dealing with each party at the singular level. (As you may or mat not know,every story has three sides,mine, yours and the truth…) One remedy for such issues … Continue reading Love my mobile phone