Love my mobile phone

In my line of work, I find myself having to coordinate between different people (from
different companies) to complete tasks. This seems to be a fairly simple issue, yet as it
turns out, what seems to be simple isn’t necessarily so…

When coordinating between people that have dependent tasks, some people have
the tendency to entrench themselves in counterproductive positions while blaming
the other side for the failure. This is emphasized when dealing with each party at the
singular level. (As you may or mat not know,every story has three sides,mine, yours
and the truth…)

One remedy for such issues is to call a meeting. You bring everyone in (accommodating
everyone’s schedule), you provide refreshments, you listen to everyone and in my humble
opinion, you waste a lot of time…

So how do I solve this problem?

Well,quite simply by using the conference option on my mobile phone. Instead of calling
together a meeting-I simply get everyone that is involved on the line (which doesn’t allow
them to prepare) and create a natural confrontation between the sided. Oddly enough,
most conflicts, as by magic, disappear. People are so surprised and shocked when they are
directly confronted without having time to dig in that they prefer to resolve the issue
and leave the discussion as soon as possible.

You might say that this is solution is too blunt-yet from my experience it is as effective
as it is blunt…

3 thoughts on “Love my mobile phone

  1. Hi Rod,
    Even though I like to be on the outer edge of technology my mobile is relatively on old workhorse:
    Nokia 8200.

    Simple yet very effective… 🙂

  2. That’s an excellent solution if you’re on diet … but seriously, this line of thinking and acting demonstrates beautifully the difference between “effective communication” and “consuming time away” (ye, eating metaphors are always around).

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