Knight Rider is back

If you were around during the eighties there is no way you could have
avoided Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff:

I used to love the show,the notion of a speaking car that could think for itself seemed
unbelievable and cool at the same time. Lately, there is a revival of this show as a pilot
for a new series has been aired with several differences. David Hasselhoff is no longer the
star of the show(he does make a cameo appearance during the pilot) and KITT is replaced
by a killer Mustang:


Now while on the subject of Knight Rider, it seems that Mio want in on the party as they
have released a “Knight Rider” GPS device that mimics KITT and uses the voice of William
Daniels (the original KITT).

When the GPS starts up, it says:”Michael,where would you like to go today?”. Now how
can you resist that?!?!?

mio knight rider gps from knight rider online on Vimeo.


For the full story, go to:

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