Moving fast on Mojave

It seems that this whole Mojave project is moving very fast. A website popped up saying that the results will be posted next Tuesday (27th of July). As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the expressions are going to be priceless(at least I hope):

Doomsday DNS flaw!!! (or is it?)

The last few days(actually almost a month now) have been very exciting in the relatively “boring” world of DNS. In that world nothing much changes…DNS has been around for quite a while now and it has always helped us translate friendly names into long and daunting numbers (IP addresses). It did so in a reliable and predicable manner. Yet that soothing effect of predictability seems to have gotten it into trouble. According to security researcher Dan Kaminsky, a vulnerability exists in the NDS implementation itself (affecting all vendors) that allows cache poisoning (in other words, an incorrect IP address will … Continue reading Doomsday DNS flaw!!! (or is it?)

User Account Control (UAC) timeout

About an year ago, I wrote a relatively long and detailed post about UAC. One thing I failed to mention is what happens once an application that you have started requires acknowledgment yet the request is ignored. UAC has a timeout of two minutes. If no acknowledgment is received within those two minutes, the action fails silently (same as if you would have declined). The only thing that bugs me here is that you have no notification/logging of what just happened. If you were away from the system while the UAC prompt appeared you might not understand why something failed…

The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

In the last few weeks it seems that Microsoft is on the warpath. Microsoft feels that it has a bad image and it would like to change that. One of the major contributors to this image is Windows Vista. Windows Vista is perceived as a problematic OS (to say the least). Even though SP1 has fixed some of the bad reputation that Vista received it is still perceived as a bad OS. In my opinion this belief has no foundation, I have been using Vista for a very long time now and I am very happy with it. Just as … Continue reading The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

Influencing the product

Since I have started working at Microsoft, I always hoped that I will be able to contribute and influence the development of a product. My role at Microsoft is that of an IT manager.I manage a team that supports the user community and infrastructure at the development center in Israel (Haifa). My main focus is supporting the people that build the products. Yet, I believe that the added value that I, and my team can provide to the business is the feedback we can provide as an IT department by dogfooding and providing general feedback on the products being developed. … Continue reading Influencing the product

Protecting your WoW account

As a past player of World of Warcraft I am impressed. Basically, in the game you play a character that you build and cultivate. This character interacts and lives inside the virtual world of WoW. Just as in real life, you wouldn’t want to have this identity to be stolen. So what do Blizzard do you ask? Well, they will provide you(for a fee offcourse) with a SecurID 6 digit token. In other words,whenever you authenticate you also need to provide the 6 digit number showing on the token. Security everywhere… Read more at Engadget…

Slipstreaming IE 8 into Windows Vista

WIM images provide huge amounts of flexibility. Personally, I was very disappointed to find out that SP1 could have not been slipstreamed into Vista. After a long wait we can finally feel that it has been a worthwhile wait. IE8 (at Beta1) can be slipstreamed into WIM images! Matt Hester, shot a short video describing the whole process. The video can be found at the following link.

Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar

Who said that the sidebar is a boring place? Tore Lervik wrote a gadget that will enable you to view your Hyper-V systems and their status (and even connect to them). Check it out at:

BitLocker and Hyper-v

Slowly but surely BitLocker is starting to creep into our lives. Soon enough we will be convinced that it was there all along. Microsoft have released a document describing how BitLocker and Hyper-V can and should work together to provide a secure virtual environment. Download it here.

IRM in Outlook 2007

These days I find myself using Outlook as the main tool I use to communicate. Thus, the more I know about it, the better. Information Rights Management enables us to protect our data to some extent. When used in conjunction with Outlook, in addition to protecting our data it can also help us shape the way our communication is used. One useful example is the ability to prevent the dreaded ‘Reply to all’ button… The Outlook team has decided to publish a series of posts regarding IRM with Outlook, this is the first one: