The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

In the last few weeks it seems that Microsoft is on the warpath. Microsoft feels that
it has a bad image and it would like to change that. One of the major contributors to this
image is Windows Vista.

Windows Vista is perceived as a problematic OS (to say the least). Even though SP1 has
fixed some of the bad reputation that Vista received it is still perceived as a bad OS. In my
opinion this belief has no foundation, I have been using Vista for a very long time now
and I am very happy with it. Just as everything in life, Vista has a price: you need better
hardware (that is cheaper these days), ISVs had to fix application for them to run
on Vista and hardware manufacturers had to create drivers to fit the standards Vista has set.

Skeptics may say that none of the things I mentioned should happen for a consumer to be
able to enjoy Vista. In my opinion (again), this claim is absurd. I see the OS as the engine
of a system, would you mount a new super fast engine on an old airplanes body? Why not?
Oh,it would rip it apart…and whose fault would that be,the engines manufacturer or yours?

But we are diverging from what I wanted to write about in this post, which is ‘Mojave’.
based on rumors it seems that ‘Mojave’ is codename of a new OS created by Microsoft…Well
not exactly. As part of Microsoft’s attempt to fight back and tell it’s story about Vista,
Microsoft decided to meet with a group of Vista skeptics (basically people that think Vista is
bad). The group was told they will be shown a new OS codenamed Mojave and that they should
give feedback on the new product. Based on reports, 90% of the participants provided positive

At this stage they were told that Mojave is actually Windows Vista…


The whole experiment was filmed, I hope that it will be revealed,seeing the expressions
will be priceless…and as always,perception is everything.

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4 thoughts on “The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

  1. Take a regular user with a Pentium 4 computer running Windows XP and upgrade him to Vista Home purchased in Best Buy. Observe the troubles he will proceed to have with hardware, software and the reduced performance. Inquire if it was worth the admission price.

    But instead of confronting issues like that Microsoft instead chooses theatrics like you describe. I think this is somewhat telling of a real reason why MS is having so much trouble (no, it’s not Apple ads) and just gives even more ammo to critics.

    Bottom line is that Vista is simply to expensive for the marginal experience improvement it delievers (many argue that it has none, but i’ll give it a benefit of doubt). And if MS spent all these years failing to deliever a compelling product – but i see makes not a single attempt at dropping the price – it clearly demonstrates that it’s in denial. I guess i’ll personally will wait around until reality sets in.

    P.S: Plus multiple editions (intentionally crippled versions basically) – is just sad and greedy.

  2. Oh and by the way – there’s hardly anything more discouraging to commenters – than typing up a long and thoughtful comment – and then seeing it disappear into “moderation queue” oblivion uppon pressing “Submit”.

    I heard that blogs are about encouraging open discussion. Just a thought.

  3. Hi Vincent,
    A few points to consider:
    1)I guess you missed my airplane metaphor…Pentium 4?? Does anyone claim that EA did a bad job with releasing Crysis since it needs state of the hardware? And basically Crysis is just a knockoff since shooters have been done since the first Castle Wolfenshtein,right?
    2)You don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you buy it, use it as recommended and don’t badmouth it since you are using it against recommendations…
    3)Excuse my bluntness, it’s my blog so if I want moderation-I will have moderation…unless you want me to publish all the Vi@gra, enlargement and XXX comments I get on the blog automatically…

  4. Have to agree with Erik to a degree… at least about moderation. Moderating comments is a good idea.

    However, I disagree about the Crysis/Windows parallel. Crysis is just a game, and it is marketed as such. Vista, on the other hand, is sold as the absolute and necessary step up from XP, almost as an improvement to one’s own life rather than being just an operating system.

    The problem I have with the experiment is that the users aren’t given time to try to do anything functional with “Mojave” such as install a printer, or play WoW. They’re also using it entirely on hardware supplied by Microsoft.

    In my opinion, Vista is just an OS. It is a very good OS, granted, but it is just an OS. Some of the perception of it is incorrect, but at the end of the day browsing the net and working on spreadsheets or running a network can be handled just as well in XP.

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