Desktops from Sysinternals

It’s not a new concept but it’s still cool. Sysinternals have released a new tool that allows you to have four virtual desktops. You can work on all four desktops at once having different windows maximized/minimized in each:   You can download it at: Desktops v1.0   One Major advantage of this tool is that it is a simple executable that has no need for installations and it comes from Sysinternals…

DEP and ASLR in Vista circumvented?

Two researchers claim to have found a way to circumvent both Data Execution Protection (DEP) and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). These techniques are meant to protect the way information is stored in RAM, ASLR is relatively new and it randomizes the way that DLLs are loaded on startup dealing a sever blow to anyone that would try to estimate which space in RAM a worm would need to overwrite during a buffer overflow attack. The researchers (Mark Dowd of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Alexander Sotirov, of VMware Inc.) will discuss the weaknesses they have found at the … Continue reading DEP and ASLR in Vista circumvented?

Book Review – Administering Windows Vista Security ,The Big Surprises

Haven’t managed to go through a book from cover to back in a long time. Well, the draught has been broken. I picked up “Administering Windows Vista Security The big surprises” (known henceforth as ‘the book’) and just finished reading it cover to back. Summing it up:One of the better technical books I read in a long time. The book covers security issues related to Windows Vista with the correct balance of theory and practice, while the authors (Mark Minasi, Byron Hynes and Jennifer Allen) do a great job of keeping you interested. The book covers the following topics (and … Continue reading Book Review – Administering Windows Vista Security ,The Big Surprises

Free TCP/IP book

Microsoft has placed a free TCP/IP fundamentals for download. Enjoy: