Book Review – Administering Windows Vista Security ,The Big Surprises

Haven’t managed to go through a book from cover to back in a long time. Well,
the draught has been broken. I picked up “Administering Windows Vista Security
The big surprises” (known henceforth as ‘the book’) and just finished reading it
cover to back. Summing it up:One of the better technical books I read in a long time.

The book covers security issues related to Windows Vista with the correct balance of
theory and practice, while the authors (Mark Minasi, Byron Hynes and Jennifer Allen)
do a great job of keeping you interested.

The book covers the following topics (and a few additional topics):

  1. UAC
  2. File and Registry Virtualization
  3. Mandatory Integrity Control (wrote about this a while back)
  4. BitLocker (Part 1,Part 2,Part 3[I hope])


  1. A relatively short and to the point book (255 pages)
  2. Focused on the topic (ok,I said that already,but I was so happy to read book
    that cuts down on the fluff that I had to mention it twice)
  3. Well written,easy to read
  4. Correct balance between theory and practice


  1. Written a long time ago (how about a second edition?)
  2. A few technical inaccuracies (due to the usage of pre-RTM software)



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