Special character sort order (GAL)

I have worked with Exchange for quite a few years and the thought of trying
to find the sort of order of special characters inside the GAL never crossed my
mind…I wasn’t surprised to see the list on Jim McBee’s blog though:

‘ (back tick)
– (hyphen)
! (exclamation)
# (pound symbol)
$ (dollar)
% (percent symbol)
& (ampersand)
( (open parenthesis)
) (close parenthesis)
* (asterisk)
@ (at symbol)
^ (carrot)
_ (underscore)
~ (tilde)
+ (plus)
= (equals)


The reason I wasn’t surprised is that Jim (in my opinion) is one of the most knowledgeable
people that I know in regards to Exchange. His ‘Exchange 24×7’ books were my bible…

2 thoughts on “Special character sort order (GAL)

  1. This is true, however, it does not translate entirely on to a Blackberry
    ‘ (back tick)
    – (hyphen)
    order beneath:
    & (ampersand)

  2. Good post! I thought I’d add a few things I found out while trying things out.

    The highest possible combination I found was by using a first name of “‘ A” without the double quotes.

    For some reason, two apostrophe characters next to each other did not rate as high, perhaps because the space character rates even higher (but you can’t start a first name with a space). One combination even made Exchange remove the account from the GAL completely!

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