Service Pack 2 season

Service Pack 2 beta(for TAP clients) has been announced for both Windows Vista and Windows 2008:

Let the Panic begin?! (or maybe not…) [MS08-067]

Yesterday, Microsoft has released an out of band patch (in other words, not through the standard cycle of releases,which means it’s really important and there is no time to wait for the next cycle) for all Windows version. Such a release, obviously causes concerns (as does everything that is not routine). The patch is intended for all Windows versions, and it is supposed to plug a hole in the Server service (specifically RPC) that might allow an attacker to run arbitrary code under the system account (it also seems that the vulnerability is wormable). Enter PANIC!!! (or maybe not) First … Continue reading Let the Panic begin?! (or maybe not…) [MS08-067]

Hyper-V experiences: Physical to Virtual

Hyper-V is cool. It’s simple to install and manage yet it has quite a few interesting quirks that need to be worked out, an example of such a quirk is installing it on HP servers that have teaming enabled: An additional interesting point that is worth mentioning is that if you would like to manage a Hyper-V server, and access the consoles of the guest operating systems, you should do so by installing RSAT on your desktop or by working at the console of the Hyper-V server itself. If you try connecting by using RDP, you will not be … Continue reading Hyper-V experiences: Physical to Virtual

Unboxing the Arc

I saw quite a few unboxings on the web,some where serious, while others appealed to humor but there was always one common thing: I wanted to do one!! Microsoft has released a new cool looking mouse which they simply call the Arc. The mouse is intended for mobile users thus it is relatively small, allowing it to be portable, yet due to it’s “cool” factor the small size is achieved by folding it, so in reality it is actually a full sized mouse that is very comfortable for a portable mouse. Enough babble,lets get to the unboxing:   The mouse … Continue reading Unboxing the Arc

Process Monitor 2 – Released!

If you ever had to troubleshoot a problematic system you have surely used Process Monitor from Sysinternals (now Microsoft). If not,shame on you! Process Monitor is basically Task Manager on steroids and so much more. A new version of this tool has just been released,and according to the Sysinternals blog it sports the following features: “This major update to Process Monitor adds real-time TCP and UDP monitoring to its existing process, thread, DLL, file system and registry monitoring. You can now see the TCP and UDP activity processes performed, including the operation (e.g. connect, send, receive), local and remote IP … Continue reading Process Monitor 2 – Released!