Unboxing the Arc

I saw quite a few unboxings on the web,some where serious, while others
appealed to humor but there was always one common thing: I wanted to do one!!

Microsoft has released a new cool looking mouse which they simply call the Arc. The
mouse is intended for mobile users thus it is relatively small, allowing it to be portable, yet
due to it’s “cool” factor the small size is achieved by folding it, so in reality it is actually
a full sized mouse that is very comfortable for a portable mouse.

Enough babble,lets get to the unboxing:


IMG_0683 IMG_0688

The mouse comes in a relatively clean package that emphasize the name and the structure of the
mouse (note the “reflection” of the mouse beneath the real one).


IMG_0685 IMG_0686


When examining the side of the box you are provided with a photograph of the mouse when it’s folded
which gives you a general idea of it’s size. The back of the box is somewhat disappointing
(personally), the marketing-babble on the back(in several languages) clashes with the fact that this
mouse oozes of style. In my opinion this mouse’s selling point shouldn’t be it’s technical abilities but
it’s looks…so going on about how “cool” it is simply hurts it’s cool factor…

In contrast to the plastic boxes I am used to, this one opens relatively simply (I have no cuts on my hands),
and you remain with a piece of cardboard. Inside that cardboard you will find several booklets,a carrying
case(has a magnetic seal), a couple of batteries and the mouse (that is lodged into it by a piece of plastic-the
easy removal surprised me yet again).

IMG_0691 IMG_0692


The mouse itself feels very sleek, comfortable and sturdy for a small mouse. It has three buttons (two on
top and one near the right thumb) and a scrolling wheel. It uses wireless technology to connect to your system,
which means that you have to attach a dongle. The dongle isn’t the smallest I have encountered yet it is small
enough not to be obtrusive:

IMG_0698 IMG_0700

The dongle itself can be found on the underside of the mouse. It isn’t lodged into the mouse but it is drawn to it
by a small magnet that holds it in place (I guess violently shaking the mouse will release the dongle,but then again
a very cool feature):

IMG_0694 IMG_0695

And now to the moment we have been all waiting for, lets fold it:

IMG_0696 IMG_0697

IMG_0704 IMG_0703

An additional interesting thing I noticed about folding it is that once folded the mouse is turned off to conserve
battery power (something I usually forget to do…).

Arc and friends:

IMG_0706 IMG_0710


In summary, the mouse is very stylish and portable. It comes in black and red (I am waiting for the red one!)
and it provides the basic needs of a user on the move. For additional details, visit the official website.

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