Win7 fever

Everybody is talking about it, doesn’t really matter where I turn
it stares me in the face:Win7.

The hype seems to be huge and the reviews are warm so I guess I
should be glad-but wait,I’m not…Why, you may ask?
Well,with every piece of beta software released I battle with the age old
dilemma: To install or not to install?

Personally, I don’t like installing beta software. The problem is that as
opposed to the past where a beta was usually limited and details about the
product were scarce, Win7 is everywhere…so, my better judgment is starting
to cave in and the little voice in my head saying “I want one!” is getting louder
and louder…

Anyways,enough about the voices in my head, based on the rumors Win7 is
very customizable visually. Microsoft even has a website dedicated to themes
and customization of Win7 at:

Check it out, and what’s up with that fish and it’s bubbles?


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