Windows 7 And Live Messenger

One thing that I have found to be a nuisance in Win7 is the way it handles Messenger. In the past messenger used to hide on the icon tray, and you could open it by double clicking on it. Windows 7 has changed this and Messenger occupies a slot on your taskbar. Personally, I find this uncomfortable. The solution, is to run Messenger in Vista compatibility mode. Find the Messenger icon, right click it, and choose properties. Choose the compatibility tab and select Windows Vista from the drop down box. At this stage restart Messenger,and it will go back into … Continue reading Windows 7 And Live Messenger

Proximity Lock for your Computer

I love hi-tech toys,and I always said that it’s odd that there is no options for my computer to sense whenever I “leave” it and lockup…Well now there is. If you have a Bluetooth enable phone, then by using a piece of software from Phoenix you can teach your computer to lock and unlock-handsfree…