Removing items from the ‘Run’ window history

I have quite a few annoying habits, and some of them have to do with how I work with computers.
One of these little annoying habits is accessing specific locations and applications on a system from
the ‘Run’ window. Some of you may say that it’s so eighties since we have the search box in Vista
and 7 but I still like it. It’s a simple and quick process: Press Star+R write the location and you are
there.Better yet,if it’s an item you already used it’s stored in history so you don’t have to re-type
the full path or name-and this was the point where it got annoying…

When looking at the history of the Run command I found quite a few items that no longer existed
there, obviously I wanted to remove them. I tried highlighting them and pressing Del to no avail.
Eventually I found that the history items are stored per user in the registry,specifically at the following
path:HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Explorer → RunMRU.


As you can see, the items stored in history are arranged in values(REG_SZ) from a to z. Every time you enter
a new item in the Run dialog box it is stored under a “free” letter. Once you hit Z, you can no longer add items
to your history.

Since I have deleted some of the files that they refer too, some of these values have become stale,yet they
still linger on, while others are still useful and I would like to keep them around. The simplest way to clear the
list form stale entries is to simply delete them from the registry (as usual, be very careful when messing around
with the registry as you may render your system unusable

Once deleted, they will disappear from the list and allow new entries to be added.

I also noticed that the MRUList value has a list of the alphabet letters based on the order in which the values were created.

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