Windows 7 XP Mode RTM

Quietly,without much fanfare Windows XP Mode (XPM) has RTMed.   What can XPM do for you? Microsoft wants you to move to Windows 7. An obstacle for moving to Windows 7 is an application that is a necessity for a business or home that might not run under Windows 7 (or Vista). Such legacy applications might not be supported under the current compatibility settings and to make things worse, the company that has developed the application is no longer in business or will not develop an application that is supported by Windows 7. To resolve this problem XPM was … Continue reading Windows 7 XP Mode RTM

Snipping tool trick

I really love the Snipping Tool. It enables me to take screenshots without having to install third-party software quite efficiently. I did encounter one very annoying issue though when trying to capture context menus or the Start menu- while launching the snipping tool these menus disappeared… 🙁 It seems that there is a solution for this issue. To capture a context menu, open the Snipping Tool, open the menu you would like to capture and then press Ctrl+PrtScn. The screen should fade and the familiar interface of the snipping tool should appear. Note that once a screen is captured this … Continue reading Snipping tool trick

Windows 7 Product Guide

The Windows 7 product guide is a straightforward document that everyone can use to understand how windows 7 can improve their productivity. This guide is at the user level so it will be tangible by the majority of people. Personally I found several tips in it, one of them is that by using the following combo you can run an application in Admin mode: Ctrl+Shit+Double left Click on a taskbar item. Windows 7 Product Guide Download

Windows 7 –What should you do first?

Every time a new product is released, I ask myself where should Is tart to learn it. The answer to that is never simple, yet Bill Boswell has put together a very interesting list for Windows 7 in his article for TechNet Magazine.

Excitement over Windows 7

It’s been a long time since I had last posted. A lot of things changed, both in my personal life and in general. One of the things that changed is that people are really excited (in a positive way) about the upcoming release of Microsoft’s new OS. I believe that this new wave of positive excitement was incited by Microsoft’s hard work on correctly marketing Windows 7. One such move is opening a Cafe in Paris to create additional buzz around the release.

Future Routers

As time passes, the Internet becomes an integral part of our household thus having the technical items used to conduct it (e.g. router) stylized and integrated into fashionable items doesn’t come as a big surprise. On the other hand this one has me creeped out and longing for one all at once: