Windows 7 And Live Messenger

One thing that I have found to be a nuisance in Win7 is the way it handles Messenger. In the past messenger used to hide on the icon tray, and you could open it by double clicking on it. Windows 7 has changed this and Messenger occupies a slot on your taskbar. Personally, I find this uncomfortable. The solution, is to run Messenger in Vista compatibility mode. Find the Messenger icon, right click it, and choose properties. Choose the compatibility tab and select Windows Vista from the drop down box. At this stage restart Messenger,and it will go back into … Continue reading Windows 7 And Live Messenger

Proximity Lock for your Computer

I love hi-tech toys,and I always said that it’s odd that there is no options for my computer to sense whenever I “leave” it and lockup…Well now there is. If you have a Bluetooth enable phone, then by using a piece of software from Phoenix you can teach your computer to lock and unlock-handsfree…

Visio Add-In for Rack Server Virtualization

Documenting server rooms isn’t fun, not to mention having to draw out a neat Visio schema… Well, it seems that those days are over as Microsoft releases an add-in for Vision that will enable you to pull information from an Excel file and build out a Visio schema for your server room. Note that it doesn’t stop there, this add-in can pull information from your servers (e.g. CPU utilization, RAM, IP address). For additional details click on the following link.  

Hyper-V security guide

  This Solution Accelerator provides instructions and recommendations to help strengthen the security of computers running the Hyper-V role on Windows Server® 2008. It covers three core topics: hardening Hyper-V, delegating virtual machine management, and protecting virtual machines.   Download

10 Things I like about Windows 7

There are hundreds(exaggerating here?) of such lists floating around the Net and the printed media, so why should I add one more? Well first of all because I want to, and because, it’s a bit odd to see that the tables have turned-when Vista was released all you could find was posts and lists of 10 reasons to hate Vista,today the world is different. In general the current mood of the media seems to be favorable towards Microsoft in general and Windows 7 specifically. I have started using Windows 7 since build 7000 (released to the general public) and have … Continue reading 10 Things I like about Windows 7

Microsoft FTP Service 7.5 for IIS 7.0

Missed it,well here it is: Microsoft has created a new FTP service that has been completely rewritten for Windows Server 2008. This new FTP service incorporates many new features that enable web authors to publish content better than before, and offers web administrators more security and deployment options. This new FTP service supports a wide range of features and improvements, and the following list contains several of the improvements in this version: Integration with IIS 7.0: IIS 7.0 has a brand-new administration interface and configuration store, and the new FTP service is tightly integrated with this new design. The old … Continue reading Microsoft FTP Service 7.5 for IIS 7.0

Windows 7 Hotkeys

I always loved hotkeys in Windows,they make the user experience a more pleasant and comfortable one. The standard hotkeys found in Windows Vista can be found here and Brandon Paddock posted the hotkeys that are new to Win7 here.

Selecting Part of a Text (Word 2007)

This is a neat trick that I encountered while browsing the web: If you need to select a part of a text from a Word document you can simply press ALT and drag your pointer of the part of the text you want to select…Cool.

Vista Gets Stuck During File Copy

Ok, so this isn’t a new topic. It’s been around for quite a while but I have never encountered it, so now that I have- it’s time for a post about it. I have installed a new PC (Windows Vista 64bit) and connected it to my home network using a wireless NIC (Realtek RTL8168B/8111b). The wireless router I use is an Edimax BR-6215SRg. The same network has several other PCs connected to it wirelessly and one PC that is wired. When copying files to/from the new PC (HTPC) it seemed to simply freeze up. Even though I could move the … Continue reading Vista Gets Stuck During File Copy