Blackberry and Goodlink may be affected by Exchange store patch

I happened to stumble upon this one by chance-and I do admit I am really happy since I am very familiar with the situation. It seems that a patch intended for the information storechanges the behavior of permissions thus causing lose of functionality of the aforementioned services. For additional information on this topic please visit: And the post on the Exchange team blog:

Setting the language of the OWA interface

When you work at a multinational/multilingual company the OWA interface’s language might becomeimportant. Currently (Exchange 2003) provides the language of the interface based on the settingsconfigured on the IE used to access OWA. The problem is that at times your users might be logging on to OWA from different locationssuch as airports or Internet cafes which may block the IE settings. In that case your usersmight get the interface in a different language then the one they are used to see. To prevent this from happening you might want to hard code the language used by the OWA interface.The following … Continue reading Setting the language of the OWA interface

Why sandboxes are important…or in other words don’t shoot yourself in the leg

Why not you ask?Well since it may be painfull… Microsoft released a patch for Exchange 2003(888619). I read the documentation and it seemed to be relatively harmless…so I decided to apply it to my environment. [Yes,I know that it is extremely important to test patches before they are applied to production serversbut I guess I like living on the edge…yea,right!] My environment has a front-end/back-end configuration-after the patch was applied to one of my servers OWAstopped working for the users homed on it.To make it even worse when I tried applying the patch(before understanding that I have an issue) … Continue reading Why sandboxes are important…or in other words don’t shoot yourself in the leg

Preventing Out of Office Messages from being sent ou to distribution lists Valid for Exchange 2003 only. Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem Value: SuppressOOFsToDistributionLists (DWORD) Set 1 to suppress or 0 to allow.   The setting should be set on mailbox servers.   The setting prevents sending OOFs unless the the recipient is in the TO,CC or BCC(if no one other recipientsappear in the other fields).  

Displaying the Security property page

An oldie but still worthwhile mentioning.The Exchange System Manager does not display the Security property page for the organization or for the Administrative Groups. To display the page add the following registry entry: Key: HKCU>Software>Microsoft>Exchange>ExAdminValue: ShowSecurityPage (DWORD)Set the value to 1 and restart the ESM-Presto!

My first article on

I do feel proud-I had my first article published on .The article deals with the cosy situation in which a system’s log disk runs out of space,I called the article: “Exchange log disk is full, Prevention and Remedies” .It can be found at: Hope you enjoy it!