Citrix to acquire XenSource

Somewhat surprising but understandable. The question is how will Citrix size up against Microsoftif Microsoft will see them as a competition and not a partner. Official announcement by Citrix Brian Maddens comments

Windows 2008 Technical Library

With the advent of Windows 2008 (Beta),and basically everyone getting their hands on a copy andtrying to learn how to use it, the Windows 2008 Technical Library can be a great resource.The library describes what’s new and provides step by step guides to explore the features:

Windows Server 2008 Component Posters

These two posters, originally published in the July 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine, provide astrong visual tool to aide in the understanding of various features and components of WindowsServer 2008. One poster focuses exclusively on powerful new Active Directory technologies,while the other provides a technical look at a variety of new features available in Windows Server2008 (such as Server Core, Network Access Protection, and more).

Windows 2008 Impressions: Attended Installation

The attended installation process of Windows 2008 has been simplified. Until Windows 2008, the process of installing a Windows system included the basic configuration of the system.In other words the installer was asked a bunch of question he had to answer and once he was done he had a runningsystem. The system still needed to be configured but a basic system was up and running. Windows 2008 changes this, (the installation no longer provides a running system) in order to simplify the installation process almost all configurative questions have been removed and we are left with the bare necessities. The installationprocess … Continue reading Windows 2008 Impressions: Attended Installation

Active Directory Explorer

This tool (from Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell) is basically ADSI Edit on steroids.It allows you to connect to your AD environment directly thus providing you a “raw” viewof your directory and in turn the ability to change the directory directly(which might cause a lotof pain since you are working without the net provided by the traditional AD tools). A feature of this tool that seems extremely useful to me is it’s ability to take a snapshotof a directory (and then another snapshot) and eventually to compare the two snapshotsproviding you with a list of what has changed.The tools ability … Continue reading Active Directory Explorer

TCP Header Checksums Displayed as Corrupted (using Network Monitor)

OK,so I was troubleshooting and odd issue with an FTP server and one of the thingsthat caught my attention while using Network Monitor (on a Windows 2000 server)was that some(actually almost all) of the TCP checksums (originating from the server)were found to be incorrect. At first I thought I was having a networking problem,yet someone pointed out the fact that since the calculation was being offloaded to the NIC Network Monitor may be calculating the checksums incorrectly.  

TechNet Webcast: The New Server Core Installation Option in Windows Server 2008 (Level 300)

The description from the website: Summary In this session, we explore Server Core, a new minimal installation option included in Windows Server 2008. A Server Core installation provides a minimal environment for running a subset of the server roles, the Active Directory directory service, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and file, print, and media services. Server Core also can reduce the servicing and management requirements and the attack surface for those server roles. In this webcast, we discuss the architecture of Server Core, in addition to installation, configuration, and administration of … Continue reading TechNet Webcast: The New Server Core Installation Option in Windows Server 2008 (Level 300)