Free TCP/IP book

Microsoft has placed a free TCP/IP fundamentals for download. Enjoy:

Windows Vista reosurce kit out now

The resource kit for Windows Vista is out now as published on the Vista team’s blog. 25 lucky/quick readers received a free copy:

Inside Active Directory (Second Edition): System Admin Guide

I always have an odd feeling when buying a technical book- should I buy it or not?Will it help me better my technical skills or will it simply repeat information I already read?I am happy to say that my search for the ultimate Active Directory book is finally over!! The best AD book I found is called:Inside Active Directory (Second Edition): System Admin Guide (Sakari Kouti,Mika Seitsonen) This book is actually the second edition and it covers and compares AD2000 and AD2003, if you were ever interestedin in-depth information this is the book you are looking for.

Books by Dan Brown

After the success of the The Da Vinci Code I decided to try the other books from Dan Brown.Up until now he wrote 4 books:Digital FortressDeception PointAngels and DemonsThe Da Vinci CodeAll four are great- they follow the same equation but they are very thrilling.Check out his website: addition take a look at the codes on The Da Vinci Code’s cover!