TCP Header Checksums Displayed as Corrupted (using Network Monitor)

OK,so I was troubleshooting and odd issue with an FTP server and one of the thingsthat caught my attention while using Network Monitor (on a Windows 2000 server)was that some(actually almost all) of the TCP checksums (originating from the server)were found to be incorrect. At first I thought I was having a networking problem,yet someone pointed out the fact that since the calculation was being offloaded to the NIC Network Monitor may be calculating the checksums incorrectly.  

TechNet Webcast: The New Server Core Installation Option in Windows Server 2008 (Level 300)

The description from the website: Summary In this session, we explore Server Core, a new minimal installation option included in Windows Server 2008. A Server Core installation provides a minimal environment for running a subset of the server roles, the Active Directory directory service, Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and file, print, and media services. Server Core also can reduce the servicing and management requirements and the attack surface for those server roles. In this webcast, we discuss the architecture of Server Core, in addition to installation, configuration, and administration of … Continue reading TechNet Webcast: The New Server Core Installation Option in Windows Server 2008 (Level 300)

Funny article about iPhone…

I have no opinion or clue about the accuracy of the article titled “Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone”by Jim Lynchpublished at, yet it managed to make me laugh(read through it,until the end-and I hope you will understandwhat I found amusing):,1697,2151961,00.asp     — Erik Rozman

Exchange 2003 OWA and Vista

An oldie but I see it coming up in the newsgroups…my guess is that some sysadmins forgot to fix the problem and the users (specifically home users) trying to access their mailboxes are surprised and convinced that something is wrong with their own system(which to some extent istrue…):

Vista Tip-Administrative CMD

Most administrators use the command prompt to run administrative tasks. The problem is that if you are using Vista, opening the CMD will not allow you to runcommands as an administrator(unclear to me as to why couldn’t they simply let the UACtake care of it). To solve this you could start the CMD using a shortcut with RUNAS, a better solutionthough is creating a shortcut for CMD and setting the check box by the ‘Run as administrator’(Properties>Advanced).

Which process uses a specific port (TCP/UDP)

The most common reason for such a question to come up is security.TCP/UDP ports are virtual windows on the walls that represent your computer.If a perpetrator would like to gain access to your system he would do such using onesuch window. We might close all those windows (and it is advisable to do so when accessing theInternet, by using a firewall that blocks direct access to the ports on your system),yet due to their nature there may be times when you would like to allow access to yoursystem (hosting a website on your system or simply sharing files among systems). Another … Continue reading Which process uses a specific port (TCP/UDP)

Still playing with RAM

I can’t really say what happened since I don’t understand it yet it works,so I guess that is important. After losing one memory bank on my system(one of two 1GB sticks) and forgetting about itI was awakened when my virtual machines would not start…Now looking for 133 memory sticksis quite a challenge but I found a few that might be good. So I tried to install it, two new sticks…system counts the memory and verifies it and then simplyfreezes…I replace the old stick,it works… I put the old one and then new one together-doesn’t work(which is logical). Switched between the … Continue reading Still playing with RAM

Testing Memory (RAM)

OK,So why I remembered this is a long and odd story which includes myself forgettingthat I have faulty memory installed on my laptop, wanting to install Fedora Core 6 insideVMware on the same laptop and ending up recompiling the kernel in order to be able toinstall VMware tools and failing… Anyways Microsoft have a nifty tool that allows you to test your memory modulesby burning a CD: Yes I know,it has been there for long and might have even mentioned it in the past butbut it’s still useful (and I am getting old…).

TombstoneLifetime 2003 SP1

A major yet not so known change. From 60 days we are going to 180 dayson new Active Directory(SP1) implementations and upgrades that have slipstreamed copy. In other words your backups should be valid for 180 days and deleted objectsare saved for 180 days…

Why sandboxes are important…or in other words don’t shoot yourself in the leg

Why not you ask?Well since it may be painfull… Microsoft released a patch for Exchange 2003(888619). I read the documentation and it seemed to be relatively harmless…so I decided to apply it to my environment. [Yes,I know that it is extremely important to test patches before they are applied to production serversbut I guess I like living on the edge…yea,right!] My environment has a front-end/back-end configuration-after the patch was applied to one of my servers OWAstopped working for the users homed on it.To make it even worse when I tried applying the patch(before understanding that I have an issue) … Continue reading Why sandboxes are important…or in other words don’t shoot yourself in the leg