TCP Header Checksums Displayed as Corrupted (using Network Monitor)

OK,so I was troubleshooting and odd issue with an FTP server and one of the thingsthat caught my attention while using Network Monitor (on a Windows 2000 server)was that some(actually almost all) of the TCP checksums (originating from the server)were found to be incorrect. At first I thought I was having a networking problem,yet someone pointed out the fact that since the calculation was being offloaded to the NIC Network Monitor may be calculating the checksums incorrectly.  

Which process uses a specific port (TCP/UDP)

The most common reason for such a question to come up is security.TCP/UDP ports are virtual windows on the walls that represent your computer.If a perpetrator would like to gain access to your system he would do such using onesuch window. We might close all those windows (and it is advisable to do so when accessing theInternet, by using a firewall that blocks direct access to the ports on your system),yet due to their nature there may be times when you would like to allow access to yoursystem (hosting a website on your system or simply sharing files among systems). Another … Continue reading Which process uses a specific port (TCP/UDP)

Webcast on DNS

I will be delivering a webcast on DNS in a couple of days: