The age of distraction

We live in an age of distraction. It seems that everything is geared towards getting our attention,everywhere you turn information is poured upon you. Personally, I find it very hard to concentrate on a specific topic these days because of that. When working on something it seems that temptation lurks everywhere, all of a sudden we are surrounded by other “things” that seem more interesting at that moment…is this due to a flaw in the human psyche,or is it, that today we do actually live in the age of distraction? Look at the Internet,from a small network it has turned … Continue reading The age of distraction

Love my mobile phone

In my line of work, I find myself having to coordinate between different people (from different companies) to complete tasks. This seems to be a fairly simple issue, yet as it turns out, what seems to be simple isn’t necessarily so… When coordinating between people that have dependent tasks, some people have the tendency to entrench themselves in counterproductive positions while blaming the other side for the failure. This is emphasized when dealing with each party at the singular level. (As you may or mat not know,every story has three sides,mine, yours and the truth…) One remedy for such issues … Continue reading Love my mobile phone

Experience over Theory

In the past I used to work as a trainer. As a trainer you need to have a graspof the subjects that you teach. Your knowledge needs to be in-depth as you areconstantly surprised by the questions of delegates. To be able to grasp the materialyou need to understand the theory behind what you are attempting to teach. During the time that I taught I used to take on consulting jobs, to keep my hands dirty. At some stage I decided to stop training and I started to look for work in the field. A themethat used to come up … Continue reading Experience over Theory

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 to feature Online Photo Backup

A post on the Windows Vista team blog promises that the new OneCare will come with 10GB of online storage to be used as a backup location for digital photographs(at a cost). The post providesa short demonstration of the feature. Wow,10GB. Online backup,kind of blows you away and makes you think about how everythingis going online. If network connections speed keeps growing you will no longer need local storageand your data will follow you…Ok,I can’t be that positive, think of the ramifications though,yourpersonal files will be stored on a location that you do not control…

Phishing Sites and IE7

Technorati Tags: IE7, rants, general computing I am an Ebay user. As an Ebay user I am a target for phishng attacks. About a week ago I have made a purchaseand I forogt to leave feedback for the seller. A few minutes ago,I received an e-mail saying that I have receiveda message from a seller(nothing special for someone who uses Ebay). I was a bit distracted so I pressed thehyperlink found in the e-mail. In a second I was transported to a message from IE7 saying that I am trying to reach a site that is reported as a known … Continue reading Phishing Sites and IE7

Playing games on a widescreen

I have just purchased a new wide screen. I am really happy with it as it provides a very clearand BIG picture. So after installing my new computer (using my new screen) I though that itwas time to give it a run for it’s money with a few games I like. To my surprise I found that some gameswere not able to use the 16:10 ratio and instead of running smoothly I got a stretched out image.After searching the web I have found the following website that tries to help: WSGFW (in short) will try to provide unofficial (and obviously … Continue reading Playing games on a widescreen

Events and Errors Message Center

When one of the systems that you manage fails one the best ideas for troubleshooting islooking at the logs. If the OS you are using is from Microsoft the main location for logs is the event viewer. The only problem with logs is that at times they provide very cryptic messages. In order to figureout what the entry in the log means or what remedies can be used I personally use the followingwebsite:http://www.eventid.netA couple of day ago I have noticed a KB article announcing that an “Events and Errors Message Center”has been opened. This center will enable you to search for specific … Continue reading Events and Errors Message Center

Gold iPod…

If your hearts wish is an iPod made of gold,well then you got it! A company that goes by the name of XEXOO provide iPods made of gold:

Simplicity at the price of obscurity

Buying a new computer is a happy event. Faster processing times, smoother running graphicsa general feel of joy. You start planning the installation, you customize the environment and thenbad things start to happen. As we enter the age of simple computing, most applications can be easily installed by runninga setup file then pressing a couple of next buttons and you are done(well there is a short wait while staring at a progress bar). Now this is very simple if everything succeeds-yet what happenswhen the application fails to install?Specifically what happens if the application fails to install and this happens during … Continue reading Simplicity at the price of obscurity

Windows 2008 Impressions: Attended Installation

The attended installation process of Windows 2008 has been simplified. Until Windows 2008, the process of installing a Windows system included the basic configuration of the system.In other words the installer was asked a bunch of question he had to answer and once he was done he had a runningsystem. The system still needed to be configured but a basic system was up and running. Windows 2008 changes this, (the installation no longer provides a running system) in order to simplify the installation process almost all configurative questions have been removed and we are left with the bare necessities. The installationprocess … Continue reading Windows 2008 Impressions: Attended Installation