Vista Gets Stuck During File Copy

Ok, so this isn’t a new topic. It’s been around for quite a while but I have never encountered it, so now that I have- it’s time for a post about it. I have installed a new PC (Windows Vista 64bit) and connected it to my home network using a wireless NIC (Realtek RTL8168B/8111b). The wireless router I use is an Edimax BR-6215SRg. The same network has several other PCs connected to it wirelessly and one PC that is wired. When copying files to/from the new PC (HTPC) it seemed to simply freeze up. Even though I could move the … Continue reading Vista Gets Stuck During File Copy

BitLocker and Safe Mode

<Rant> This one is kind of a gotcha that has caught me by surprise. If you use BitLocker with a TPM that is PIN protected you can’t log into Safe Mode unless you go into recovery mode. Personally I found this very surprising to say the least. I honestly can’t say that this sounds logical to me, if you can provide the PIN protecting the TPM I can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to access Safe Mode. You are not circumventing any of the protection mechanisms you simply choose an alternate boot method AFTER you have already gained access … Continue reading BitLocker and Safe Mode

Service Pack 2 season

Service Pack 2 beta(for TAP clients) has been announced for both Windows Vista and Windows 2008:

ARP cache timeout changed in Windows Vista and 2008

You might remember that Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) has a local cache that prevents broadcasting for a system whose MAC address has been resolved. Older versions of Windows used to have a timeout of 2 minutes for ARP entries (up to 10 minutes), this has changed. Vista and 2008 has lowered this time to a random value between 15 seconds and 45 seconds:

DEP and ASLR in Vista circumvented?

Two researchers claim to have found a way to circumvent both Data Execution Protection (DEP) and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). These techniques are meant to protect the way information is stored in RAM, ASLR is relatively new and it randomizes the way that DLLs are loaded on startup dealing a sever blow to anyone that would try to estimate which space in RAM a worm would need to overwrite during a buffer overflow attack. The researchers (Mark Dowd of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Alexander Sotirov, of VMware Inc.) will discuss the weaknesses they have found at the … Continue reading DEP and ASLR in Vista circumvented?

Moving fast on Mojave

It seems that this whole Mojave project is moving very fast. A website popped up saying that the results will be posted next Tuesday (27th of July). As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the expressions are going to be priceless(at least I hope):

User Account Control (UAC) timeout

About an year ago, I wrote a relatively long and detailed post about UAC. One thing I failed to mention is what happens once an application that you have started requires acknowledgment yet the request is ignored. UAC has a timeout of two minutes. If no acknowledgment is received within those two minutes, the action fails silently (same as if you would have declined). The only thing that bugs me here is that you have no notification/logging of what just happened. If you were away from the system while the UAC prompt appeared you might not understand why something failed…

The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

In the last few weeks it seems that Microsoft is on the warpath. Microsoft feels that it has a bad image and it would like to change that. One of the major contributors to this image is Windows Vista. Windows Vista is perceived as a problematic OS (to say the least). Even though SP1 has fixed some of the bad reputation that Vista received it is still perceived as a bad OS. In my opinion this belief has no foundation, I have been using Vista for a very long time now and I am very happy with it. Just as … Continue reading The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

Shutting down from the sidebar

To me, the sidebar was an odd feature of Vista. It reminded of the old Officetoolbar(which I never used), yet as time passes it is starting to grow on memainly to the useful gadgets people build for it. One such useful gadget is the Control System gadget that allows you toshut down(including all iterations:standby,hibernate etc.) your system from the sidebar: Download it here.

BitLocker and WinPE

Continuing the BitLocker related posts, I wanted to reveal a tip I intend to discussin the third part of my BitLocker post series: accessing BitLocker encrypted volumesby using WinPE. If something went terribly wrong with your Windows installation you are in a badsituation since not only can you not load Windows but since you can’t load Windowsyou can’t access you data (since it is protected by BitLocker that is a feature ofWindows). You may attempt to access your data by loading WinPE, yet obviously since thedata is encrypted you will see the drives blank…interesting bind. Have no fear though, your … Continue reading BitLocker and WinPE