Tweaking Vista

Visa has tons of tweaking options. You can customize and personalizeyour environment by gathering the tweaks manually or using an applicationI stumbled upon called: WinBubble. This application provide a simple GUI to tweaking Vista. For additional details on the application go to:

Mandatory Integrity Control (What,how and why do we care?)

The theory Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC) is an additional layer of security built into Vista andWindows 2008. This particular layer helps Windows protect itself from harmful intentional and unintentionalchanges to important objects. Among the objects protected we can find files, directories, registrykey, printers, and actually any object that has a security descriptor. The beauty of MIC is that it has been there in the background all along protecting you, yet you never knewit existed. You might have actually encountered it by trying to change a file that is protected by it, and eventhough you had the permission you couldn’t… The … Continue reading Mandatory Integrity Control (What,how and why do we care?)

System information at the command line

Ever wanted to get information about your system at the command line?You could try using the ‘systeminfo’ command that provides a lot of technical informationabout the local system, or remote systems. Among the information provided you can find: Hardware informationOS informationHotfix information

Changing your logon screen (Windows Vista)

Since I can remember myself I love customizing stuff. I love changing thins sothey reflect some individuality. Logon screen and desktops are obviously myfavorites when it comes to computers. I never had the time to check how the logon screen in Vista can be changed butby chance I bumped into this neat(free) tool(Logon Studio) from Stardock that allows you to change the logon screen with your own pictures.   So the next question is where do you get those cool pictures from…well, I get themfrom two websites that have very high quality(almost any resolution) pictures:http://www.gamewallpapers.com The websites are not free … Continue reading Changing your logon screen (Windows Vista)

Outlook Sidebar Gadgets for Outlook

When the Vista sidebar was released, I was a bit skeptical. It reminded me ofthe old Office toolbar(ok,but not a big hit-at least not with me). Lately I have startedto view it in a different light-you can actually have quite a useful gadget attached to it,youcan build a gadget that will provide directory information for your companies employeeor direct access to your IT staff. In addition to that two new gadgets were published on the Outlook teams blog: appointmentsand tasks. Take a look at the post.

Pre-SP1 Vista Patches

KB941229 (x86) (x64): This update addresses issues with Media Center for Microsoft Vista. KB941651 (x86) (x64): This is a reliability update. Install this update to improve the reliability of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista in certain scenarios. KB941600 (x86) (x64): This update resolves some reliability issues in the USB core components on the Windows Vista operating system. KB941649 (x86) (x64): This update resolves some compatibility and reliability issues in Windows Vista. By applying this update, you can achieve better reliability and hardware compatibility in various scenarios.   Technorati Tags: Microsoft, Windows, Vista

Vista SP1 install fair

If you are in the neighborhood… The goals of the Install Fair are to: Update 100 Windows Vista RTM PCs or laptops with less commonly found applications, configurations and devices to Windows Vista SP1 Beta. Acquire valuable feedback about the Windows Update and stand-alone installation experience from the broader community. Send attendees away with a usable Beta version of Windows Vista SP1. Generate excitement about Windows Vista SP1 Beta. The full post on the Windows Vista blog.   Technorati Tags: Windows, Vista, Microsoft

Maximum length of Environment Variables (Windows)

I was asked what is the maximum length of the Path environment variable…To be honestI was somewhat surprised by the question,how do you reach a point where this is a question?Well,since it was a serious question, I looked it up and found the following KB article : 830473. Now before you scream at me (as happened with the person asking the question), that the length specified is for CMD,read the following: “This limitation applies to the command line, individual environment variables (such as the PATH variable) that are inherited by other processes, and all environment variable expansions.”