Arc touch mouse

This has been going around for some time and some official pictures starting popping up:

Intel Xeon 5500 series Blue Screen with Hyper-V (Win2K8 R2)

From the KB: A computer is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and has the Hyper-V role installed. This computer has one or more Intel CPUs code-named Nehalem installed. For example, the Nehalem CPU for a server is from Intel Xeon processor 5500 series and for a client is from Intel Core-i processor series. In this scenario, you receive the following Stop error message: 0x00000101 (parameter1, 0000000000000000, parameter3, 000000000000000c) CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT

Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds

Now what does the ‘ds’ stand for? You might have guessed it: Dual Screen. Looks like a monster, with a 17” screen you actually get an extension in the form of a dual screen…

The Vault from Lenovo

Ever wanted to feel like Bond, James Bond that is? Well Lenovo think that you do so they are coming out with a small device that is actually a secure hard drive which can only be accessed once a code is entered (using the built-in keypad). Now BitLocker can do this, but no doubt this looks cooler,or geekier…depends on you’re angle I guess…

Unboxing the Arc

I saw quite a few unboxings on the web,some where serious, while others appealed to humor but there was always one common thing: I wanted to do one!! Microsoft has released a new cool looking mouse which they simply call the Arc. The mouse is intended for mobile users thus it is relatively small, allowing it to be portable, yet due to it’s “cool” factor the small size is achieved by folding it, so in reality it is actually a full sized mouse that is very comfortable for a portable mouse. Enough babble,lets get to the unboxing:   The mouse … Continue reading Unboxing the Arc

Tegra from NVIDIA

It looks like that these days everything is going towards the ultra-portable, NVIDIAannounced a “mobile computer on a chip” architecture called “Tegra”. The Tegra line will be all-in-one, integrated systems on a chip, containing an 800MHz ARM CPU, GeForce GPU, image processor, HD video processor, and controllers for all other aspects of core operations (memory, USB ports, communication) — in a packageabout the size of a dime.

1TB Optical Disc

1000GB to fit on a disc, wow!That’s a lot of data.  In addition to that the company that has developed it is an Israeli company (whichmakes me proud…). Hi-Tech is still strong over here. The link at Engadget: The companies web site:

Smart Card operated KVM from Raritan

Physical security of a system is one of the most important parts of a layered security plan.You can invest a lot of money in protecting a system from being attacked through the networkbut if you neglect physical security- a perpetrator just needs to walk up to a system (or a device)that provides access to a system and access it… According to Engadget, Raritan provides a KVM to be accessed by a smart card owner only: