Tides Turning

I find it somewhat funny to see how tides are turning. Apple used to be the medias darling,it was touted as innovative and cool while Microsoft was old and boring…These days, it seems that tides are starting to turn as all of a sudden Apple is no longer treated as nicely as it used to be. Take a look at the following video by the Onion: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard   Will this eventually also affect consumer perception?

MacBook Air with Vista

It was bound to happen. I even thought of doing it but obviously someonemanaged to beat me to it. For the full review (by X-bit labs)of how it preformed take a look at: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mobile/display/apple-macbook-air.html

iPhone runs everything as root?

This might be somewhat old but it still strikes me as odd. It seems that every processon the iPhone runs as root, which basically means that if one process is breached it willhave full access to the whole system. When looking at this situation, on one hand you might be confident that your softwarehas no security flaw, thus you have nothing to worry about or you have made a mistake. A process/user should not run with higher privileges then the ones he really needs, evenadministrators should be limited- if they need to use their admin privileges it should bedone in … Continue reading iPhone runs everything as root?

Free iPhone unlock released

I find this somewhat funny, and interesting. I never understood Apple’s decisionto lock their phones (could be used only with AT&T)-it was obvious that a hack willsurface as soon as you can say iPhone. So it did. Oddly enough, people thought that they will be able to lock the hack and gain profit from it. It’s a hack for a product that was talked about by the whole world(more or less),for how long did you think it will remain secret??? Hope they gained enough profit in the two days they sold it to cover their expenses… Anyway, a free one has … Continue reading Free iPhone unlock released

iPhone software unlock

Many people were disappointed by the fact that the iPhone could only be used with onecarrier,not only did this limit US owners to a specific carrier it also made it virtually impossiblefor anyone outside the US to use the iPhone (think about the cost…). A crack (or unlock) was inevitable. A hardware unlock surfaced a few days ago, yet it wasn’tfor the faint hearted. Yesterday (or so it seems) the first report of a software unlock finally surfaced on the Engadgetblog. A few hours later a second unlock was reported.   Z-time to play…đŸ˜‰