Hyper-V or VHD Backup

One of the main advantages in virtualization is having the ability to quickly recover failed systems. By turning a system into a virtual system you are actually turning it into a file that can be used on any system that has Hyper-V installed on it thus enabling quick recovery of a failed system. The main problem is that to be able to backup a VHD file you need to stop the virtual machine. Now obviously, on mission critical systems you can’t stop a system every time you want to back it up. To overcome this issues, you can us the … Continue reading Hyper-V or VHD Backup

Windows 2008 (Rc0) Virtualization Document

This document provides a glimpse at how Microsoft perceive virtualization. It’s not a technicaldocument,it provides a very high level description of the virtualization services included with Windows2008 and how they could be used. Download here.