Restoring Windows Index Database

I haven’t been here for a while, which is kind of an understatement. To be more accurate I haven’t been around here for “seems like you have died” iscloser to the truth. Well, the news of my demise were obviously exaggerated, which means that I am writing here now, yet it’s not going to be a regular thing. What happened is that I got annoyed, so I decided to dust off my technical skills (a lot of dust) and take care of what annoyed me.  Lately, my main tool of trade is e-mail. As such, I use Outlook on Windows … Continue reading Restoring Windows Index Database

Increasing the rule quota limit/size (Exchange 2007)

This has always bugged me. When using Exchange you have a limit on how many rules you can create for your mailbox. At first sight you might say,what is the big deal-you almost never hit the limit. The problem is that once one of your users does actually hit the limit you have no compelling explanation as to why the limit for Exchange servers up to 2007 was 32KB ( In Exchange 2007 this changes, and the limit can be changed to either 64KB, 128KB or 256KB. This can be done by using a cmdlet called set-mailbox. Set-Mailbox <mailbox> -RulesQuota:<size> … Continue reading Increasing the rule quota limit/size (Exchange 2007)

Mail Merge

I always wondered how I sometimes receive a personalized e-mail that is obviously a bulk message. Well, the nice people at the Microsoft Office Outlook Blog have decided to share the secret:Mail Merge. Since we are before the holiday season this might be a great way to send out personalized greetings….

IRM in Outlook 2007

These days I find myself using Outlook as the main tool I use to communicate. Thus, the more I know about it, the better. Information Rights Management enables us to protect our data to some extent. When used in conjunction with Outlook, in addition to protecting our data it can also help us shape the way our communication is used. One useful example is the ability to prevent the dreaded ‘Reply to all’ button… The Outlook team has decided to publish a series of posts regarding IRM with Outlook, this is the first one:

Keyboard Shortcuts (Outlook 2007)

I never cease to be amazed by the shear amount of keyboard shortcuts that areavailable for use in most applications. Most of us are accustomed to using themouse,yet from time to time I find myself picking up the habit of using a shortcutthat dramatically improves my productivity- the only problem is discovering theseshortcuts. So,just for the fun of it, take a look at the available keyboard combinationsfor Outlook 2007 (hopefully you will pick up a few tricks):

Outlook Sidebar Gadgets for Outlook

When the Vista sidebar was released, I was a bit skeptical. It reminded me ofthe old Office toolbar(ok,but not a big hit-at least not with me). Lately I have startedto view it in a different light-you can actually have quite a useful gadget attached to it,youcan build a gadget that will provide directory information for your companies employeeor direct access to your IT staff. In addition to that two new gadgets were published on the Outlook teams blog: appointmentsand tasks. Take a look at the post.