Adding Drivers to WinPE

WinPe is a basic operating system that is based on Vista’s core and can be loaded fromdetachable media such as a DVD, CD or Disk On Key. This OS comes in handy if you need“offline” access to a system. An additional advantage of WinPE is that it is customizable (described in a previous post). So,armed with this knowledge I tried to start WinPE on a laptop that had a relatively specialmass storage device. To my surprise (ok,I wasn’t that surprised…) I couldn’t access thehard drive. The solution was obvious, the mass storage device driver has to be added to my … Continue reading Adding Drivers to WinPE

WindowsPE – Charting a new environment

A bit late(ok,very late!), WinPE got my attention. WinPE is a subset of a Microsoft based OS, in it’scurrent version (2.0)-Vista. At it’s essence, WinPE is a stripped down version of Vista that enables you to boot a system to an OS that is not installed on the system but still be able to manipulate this system. The OSitself (WinPE) will be “installed/saved” on either a network, a CD or some type of flash drive. Once started,WinPE loads into run and it provides you with a Vista like environment, to do one of the following: Troubleshoot– a crippled system. Install … Continue reading WindowsPE – Charting a new environment