Process Monitor 2 – Released!

If you ever had to troubleshoot a problematic system you have surely used Process Monitor from Sysinternals (now Microsoft). If not,shame on you! Process Monitor is basically Task Manager on steroids and so much more. A new version of this tool has just been released,and according to the Sysinternals blog it sports the following features: “This major update to Process Monitor adds real-time TCP and UDP monitoring to its existing process, thread, DLL, file system and registry monitoring. You can now see the TCP and UDP activity processes performed, including the operation (e.g. connect, send, receive), local and remote IP … Continue reading Process Monitor 2 – Released!

Desktops from Sysinternals

It’s not a new concept but it’s still cool. Sysinternals have released a new tool that allows you to have four virtual desktops. You can work on all four desktops at once having different windows maximized/minimized in each:   You can download it at: Desktops v1.0   One Major advantage of this tool is that it is a simple executable that has no need for installations and it comes from Sysinternals…

Sysinternals tools Live!

Sysinternals was a company (that got bought by Microsoft) that has created a hugenumber of troubleshooting applications for Windows. It is very likely that if you have everbeen engaged in troubleshooting a Windows system you have used one of their tools tofind the problem affecting the system. The major issue I had with these tools that you actually needed to have them around with youwhen you needed them – which in time of need you never had. Now, Microsoft and Sysinternalshave made these tools available to be started from the Internet (no more file hunting) at: The first file … Continue reading Sysinternals tools Live!

Shell RunAs

The guys(specifically Mark Russinovich) at what was Sysinternals and is now Microsoft havecreated a new goodie called ShellRunas. What this small (50k) tool does is to add the optionto start an application with a different users credentials from the GUI. The download is a command line interface tool that allows you to register the GUI shortcutwith the following options: Simple registration process: And Viola: