Moving fast on Mojave

It seems that this whole Mojave project is moving very fast. A website popped up saying that the results will be posted next Tuesday (27th of July). As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the expressions are going to be priceless(at least I hope):

The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)

In the last few weeks it seems that Microsoft is on the warpath. Microsoft feels that it has a bad image and it would like to change that. One of the major contributors to this image is Windows Vista. Windows Vista is perceived as a problematic OS (to say the least). Even though SP1 has fixed some of the bad reputation that Vista received it is still perceived as a bad OS. In my opinion this belief has no foundation, I have been using Vista for a very long time now and I am very happy with it. Just as … Continue reading The empire strikes back (or project Mojave)