Mail Merge

I always wondered how I sometimes receive a personalized e-mail that is obviously a bulk message. Well, the nice people at the Microsoft Office Outlook Blog have decided to share the secret:Mail Merge. Since we are before the holiday season this might be a great way to send out personalized greetings….

Hyper-V and HP Servers

…Or why is my server stuck at 53% of an update. This one is a real pearl. I was installing Hyper-v on a relatively standard DL360 G5, after installing the role I installed Hyper-V RTM Update (KB950050) and I was asked to restart the system to complete the update. Sounds simple enough,right? Well after the restart I was waiting for the 3rd stage of the update to complete…so the system is counting percents and it stops counting at 53%. After waiting for about half an hour, I decided to cold boot it yielding the same result. A bit frustrated (to … Continue reading Hyper-V and HP Servers