Windows 7 Product Guide

The Windows 7 product guide is a straightforward document that everyone can use to understand how windows 7 can improve their productivity. This guide is at the user level so it will be tangible by the majority of people. Personally I found several tips in it, one of them is that by using the following combo you can run an application in Admin mode: Ctrl+Shit+Double left Click on a taskbar item. Windows 7 Product Guide Download

Win7 fever

Everybody is talking about it, doesn’t really matter where I turn it stares me in the face:Win7. The hype seems to be huge and the reviews are warm so I guess I should be glad-but wait,I’m not…Why, you may ask? Well,with every piece of beta software released I battle with the age old dilemma: To install or not to install? Personally, I don’t like installing beta software. The problem is that as opposed to the past where a beta was usually limited and details about the product were scarce, Win7 is everywhere…so, my better judgment is starting to cave in … Continue reading Win7 fever