Writing again?!

I has been a long time since I wrote. A lot of things happening, but none of them can explain my absence. It’s going to be a real challenge trying to write again, but I feel that I have no choice. I decided , as a resolution, to write at least two posts per month…

Windows 7 –What should you do first?

Every time a new product is released, I ask myself where should Is tart to learn it. The answer to that is never simple, yet Bill Boswell has put together a very interesting list for Windows 7 in his article for TechNet Magazine.

Future Routers

As time passes, the Internet becomes an integral part of our household thus having the technical items used to conduct it (e.g. router) stylized and integrated into fashionable items doesn’t come as a big surprise. On the other hand this one has me creeped out and longing for one all at once:     http://futurerouters.com/

Rumors,rumors and some more rumors…

It has been an odd week. First off, it has been a very long time since I last wrote, and I missed it. I can’t really say what it is about being able to write without really knowing if someone actually reads it but I do have to admit it’s fun. Second, it has been a week or rumors in Israel: it seems that someone from a certain software company, has decided to send an e-mail to all the employees of that company (actually only to the local branch) saying that a specific snack causes death in infants. This e-mail … Continue reading Rumors,rumors and some more rumors…

Special character sort order (GAL)

I have worked with Exchange for quite a few years and the thought of trying to find the sort of order of special characters inside the GAL never crossed my mind…I wasn’t surprised to see the list on Jim McBee’s blog though: ‘ (back tick) – (hyphen) ! (exclamation) # (pound symbol) $ (dollar) % (percent symbol) & (ampersand) ( (open parenthesis) ) (close parenthesis) * (asterisk) @ (at symbol) ^ (carrot) _ (underscore) ~ (tilde) + (plus) = (equals) http://mostlyexchange.blogspot.com/2008/09/global-address-list-and-special.html The reason I wasn’t surprised is that Jim (in my opinion) is one of the most knowledgeable people that … Continue reading Special character sort order (GAL)

Book Review – Administering Windows Vista Security ,The Big Surprises

Haven’t managed to go through a book from cover to back in a long time. Well, the draught has been broken. I picked up “Administering Windows Vista Security The big surprises” (known henceforth as ‘the book’) and just finished reading it cover to back. Summing it up:One of the better technical books I read in a long time. The book covers security issues related to Windows Vista with the correct balance of theory and practice, while the authors (Mark Minasi, Byron Hynes and Jennifer Allen) do a great job of keeping you interested. The book covers the following topics (and … Continue reading Book Review – Administering Windows Vista Security ,The Big Surprises