Expression Web breaks Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Functionality

Installing the Expression Web Trial on a workstation with Outlook 2003 will result in Outlook’s Junk E-mail feature ceasing to function. I have tested this in POP and IMAP accounts with the same result.

There are two solutions that worked for me to bring Outlook’s junk e-mail processing back:

  1. Running ‘Detect and Repair’ from the Outlook Help menu

  2. Removing the latest Outlook junk email filter using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel (with Show Updates selected) and reapplying it through Microsoft Update.

WPF/E SDK CTP with AJAX and XAML now available

What was that in English? The Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (WPF/E) Software Development Kit (SDK) Community Technology Preview (CTP) with Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is now available for download. It was actually released earlier in the month, but it appears to have been updated just before Christmas.

The “WPF/E” (codename) Software Development Kit, enables you to build web pages and web applications that include rich content such as vector-based graphics, 2D animation, high fidelity text, audio and video and use JavaScript (AJAX) to interact with the page content and your server. The SDK contains documentation, sample code and tools that can be used by designers and developers. In order to view the application, the user’s browser need to be enhanced with the appropriate “WPF/E” (codename) package as linked below. To assist with the development process we recommend using Visual Studio 2005 in addition to this SDK. To help with design, we recommend using Microsoft Expression Design and Microsoft Expression Blend. In order to integrate the end result with web pages we recommend using Microsoft Expression Web.”

This will help get you started with Expression Blend (and to a lesser extent, Expression Design).

Microsoft Expression Web Quick Start Guide

There is no shortage of training materials and samples to get you started using Expression Web. Microsoft also has an Expression Web Quick Start Guide to add to the mix in information and tutorials.

Get creative in Expression Web now! Download this hands-on lab-including a step-by-step guide, video tutorial and full assets–and start building a standards-based website immediately.”

The download gives me a step by step guide and asset files for the basic sample site it introduces, but there no video tutorials included in the download. It may be refering to the video tutorials elsewhere at the Microsoft Expression site. The author of this quick start guide is also a presenter for Total Training, including video training for Expression Web.


Expression Media Background

Back in June 2006, Microsoft acquired iView Multimedia, the UK company that produces iVew Media Pro. Media Pro is a popular digital asset catalog application, which is evolving into Expression Media

Tame Your Media
Imagine how much more you’d get done if you could just find what you’re looking for. Expression Media makes digital asset management easy—just drag and drop to import more than 100 different media formats, including digital RAW files. Even when your originals are offline, Expression Media’s visual catalogs allow you to browse, search, and annotate your assets.

Your Workflow Enhanced
Handle lots of files, fast, with the professional’s choice. Rename, convert, or tag hundreds of files at a time with sophisticated batch processing; or use powerful search features to instantly find and retrieve your digital media assets. Edit images and keep track of your changes with version control, while folder watching keeps your catalogs up to date.

Presentation is Everything
Impress your audience with slide shows, videos, and Web galleries. When it’s time to deliver, Expression Media can export your assets in exactly the format and size your clients need, with dozens of professionally designed presentation templates. With Expression Media Encoder, you can convert and publish video to reach a broad, cross-platform audience.

Based on the Expression Media FAQ, it looks like Microsoft will continue with a Mac version of the product.

Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (codename "WPF/E") Community Technology Preview (CTP) released today

In the same press release as the Expression Web announcement, Microsoft also announced a new CTP for the Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere, codenamed ‘WPF/E’, overlapping the WPF codenamed ‘Avalon’.

This interview between Expression PM Arturo Toldeo and Brazilian Interactive media designer Celso Gomez, gives a breakdown on what WPF/E really is and how it relates to XAML, AJAX and the future.

There is a separate CTP for Windows and Mac, as well as a Sample Pack and SDK:

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview for Windows (Dec 2006)

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview for Mac (Dec 2006)

“WPF/E” (codename) Software Development Kit (SDK) Community Technology Preview (Dec 2006)

“WPF/E” (codename) Community Technology Preview Sample Pack (Dec 2006)


Microsoft Expression Web Released

It is a big day for the Expression people at Microsoft.  Today, as announced in this press release, Microsoft Expression Web has been released. A free trial of Expression Web is available for download through the revamped Expression site. Can a software application look good on paper?

New Era, New Tool
Reduce complexity and ease data integration by using powerful design tools and task panes to quickly incorporate XML data. Seamlessly integrate Web design and development teams with Expression Web and Visual Studio’s superior support for XML, ASP.NET and XHTML.

Beautiful Inside and Out
Unleash your creative ideas and bring your Web sites to life with sophisticated CSS design features. Visual designers, specialized task panes, and tool bars give you precise control of page layout and formatting.

Passionate about Standards
Build dynamic, interactive pages that harness the power of the Web to deliver superior quality. Built-in support for today’s modern Web standards makes it easy to optimize your sites for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility currently shows Expression Web at $299 less 10% with a sell price of $269.10.  There is also an upgrade version of Expression Web which is valid from any version of Front Page. The upgrade version sells for $99.95 less 10% at for a sell price of $89.96.

I was able to find a new box of Front Page 2002 at for $129.00.  Putting 2 and 2 together, you could get Front Page 2002 and Expression Web upgrade version for $129 + 89.96 = $218.96. That is more than $50 off the full version sell price.  You could probably do better than my 2 minute effort.