Update your links – New domain for Microsoft MVP – FrontPage Tiffany K. Edmonds

Tiffany K. Edmonds. Microsoft MVP – FrontPage – New domain name If you have links to Tiffany K. Edmonds Microsoft MVP – FrontPage old site www.at-frontpage.com you should know the domain was lost. Tiffany has now purchased http://www.atfrontpage.com/ so please update your hyperlinks to the domain  WITHOUT the dash please. This will help stablish Tiffany’s links in the search engines again, much faster.

FrontPage Addon – Space Replacer 2

Jimco Software Space Replacer 2 – Free FrontPage Addon Space Replacer 2Underscores and spaces in file namesRedirect old file names to new file names Space Replacer 2  – Remove spaces or replace them with the character of your choice. Space Replacer 2 makes it easy to remove spaces in folder and file names. You can also easily replace spaces with the character you choose. Space Replacer 2 will also update all links throughout a site automatically. When making file names you may have named the files with a space, in which case FrontPage will automatically fill the space with 20% … Continue reading FrontPage Addon – Space Replacer 2

FrontPage and RSS – Creating an RSS Feed for Your FrontPage Web Site

FrontPage and RSS Microsoft MSDN have created an article and RSS download so you can Learn about RSS and how to programmatically create an RSS file for your FrontPage 2003 Web site. The download that accompanies this article contains a VBA project and an XSLT file that you can use to generate and display RSS feeds. The article includes Introduction to Creating an RSS FeedProgrammatically Generating an RSS FileConclusionAdditional Resources