Birthdays, Printers and Art

Birthdays and Printers This week I’ve been very busy having a rather good time. My husband took me to Manchester on Wednesday so we could take a look at PCWorld (Computer shop) and go to Waterstones (Bookshop). I like to do things hands on, I like to feel the books and read the prefaces and just generally immerse myself in the experience, I bought a couple of books courtesy of some money my son Darren gave me, one of which was Children of Hope by David Feintuch. We had lunch in a 15th Century Restaurant, and while the surroundings were … Continue reading Birthdays, Printers and Art

FrontPage Tips, FrontPage Forms and FrontPage Professionals

FrontPage Tips I’ve not posted my FrontPage Tips Ezine since June, because of offline ‘stuff’. However I did this Thursday just gone. The latest tip is entitled Opening css files within FrontPage FrontPage Professionals If you are a designer and your being bombarded with Digital Bigotry you can always point people to FrontPage Not for Professionals? Note: Chris mentions in the article  “The only two things that I really like the extensions for are so I can use the HTTP publishing through the FrontPage interface, FrontPage Includes (similar to “library files” in DW),” I want to make it clear that … Continue reading FrontPage Tips, FrontPage Forms and FrontPage Professionals