Start or expand your own FrontPage/Expression Addin software company

eMagine Studios (formerly known as XZAKT Media) is taking an opportunity to steer some of it’s focus into the development of Educational Software.  Before doing so (and they won’t until the time is appropriate) the company has decided to put out for tender all current addins and software (excluding Elementz 1 and 2 which will remain with eMagine Studios and continued to be developed).

The former XZAKT Media, now eMagine Studios, has been involved in the web development software and addin (for MS FrontPage, Powerpoint and Expression) industry for 10 years and will continue to support and develop all products until such time as a new owner of the listed software and addins is transitioned.  This is an opportunity for any skilled Visual Basic programmer to take on an already established software base with initial and ongoing negotiated support from the original developers.

Products Included in this offer :InstantFX Basic Flash Tools

  • InstantFX Frontpage Edition (Now replaced by InstantFX SE Versions)
  • InstantFX SE Flash Navigation Maker Version 2beta –  (Win,EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX SE Flash Media Player Maker (Win,EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX SE Flash Browser Basic  (Win,EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX SE Flash Transformer (Win,EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX SE SlideShow Maker (Win,EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX ToolTip Maker for FrontPage (HTML and Flash Tooltips)
  • InstantFX SE SiteSeal Win
  • InstantFX Tables Tool
  • InstantFX Picture Splitter
  • InstantFX Case Change (EWD 1 & 2)
  • InstantFX Flash Slide Puzzle Maker Win
  • FrontFX PowerTag+ 2006
  • InstantFX SE SiteSeal Win
  • Cool Cursors

(Win : Windows executable with addin support )
(EWD 1 and 2 : Expression Web Support)

What Will You Get?

  • All Rights For Sales and Development
  • Established Customer Base
  • All associated Visual Basic 6 Source Code
  • All associated .FLA (Flash) Source Code
  • All Website Databases and ASP Code For Selling With PayPal Interfacing
  • All Rights For The Use Of Licensed Controls Where Possible
  • Assistance in transferring the associated website Databases and ASP Code.
  • Assistance in re-branding within Source Code.
  • 6 Months Website Redirection and continued promotion.

All bidding and enquiries should be sent by email to by March 31st 2009.  Only serious bidders and enquires will be responded to.

eMagine Studios thank all our ongoing users for your support and the decision made to put this offer out has been made for the further growth of the software.  In any case, as already mentioned, eMagine Studios WILL CONTINUE TO DEVELOP AND SUUPORT ALL SOFTARE UNTIL SUCH A TIME THAT A FULL TRANSITION IS MADE.

Is this the end of eMagine Studios?

No, not at all!  This offer is simply being placed out there as we expand on some of our other researched work and we will be continuing to develop and release Web Development addins with Elementz for Expression Web.

We thankyou for your ongoing support and interest in this offer.

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