Close All Pages – Close All Pages Command

Close All Pages Command in Expression Web EWD has a Save All selection under the File Menu, however what happens when you have twenty pages open and want to close them all at once? The solution is to add a menu item to the File Menu, and save design time, how do we do this? This tip can now be found at Close all pages command in Expresion Web Expression Web Tip by Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP – FrontPageCopyright  © 2006 All Rights Reserved

FrontPage Queries – Free FrontPage Queries

Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query FrontPage uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to perform queries and you can write your own queries with the Find and Replace Dialog box. Once your query is created you can then save it so you can use it again or you provide it for others to use. What do you do if you miss entering the text into the Alt Attribute and need to check your whole site? We have the solution, this new FrontPage Article Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query provides a free FrontPage query for download and consists of … Continue reading FrontPage Queries – Free FrontPage Queries

J-Bots Plus FrontPage Addon – New Low Pricing

New Low Pricing for FrontPage Addon J-Bots Plus 2004 The Developers at J-Bots are feeling nostalgic. To commemorate 10 years in business, they have rolled back the price of J-Bots Plus to $34.99. Its original introductory price in 1996. Don’t delay no telling when this pricing will change, what are you getting with this addon and why should you get it? Well what’s your time worth? Fully compliant with and fully integrated into FrontPage 2003; also functions in FP 2002 and FP 2000 Extends the functionality of FrontPage web sites Allows nonprogrammers to have expanded features on their web sites; … Continue reading J-Bots Plus FrontPage Addon – New Low Pricing

FrontPage Tips, FrontPage Forms and FrontPage Professionals

FrontPage Tips I’ve not posted my FrontPage Tips Ezine since June, because of offline ‘stuff’. However I did this Thursday just gone. The latest tip is entitled Opening css files within FrontPage FrontPage Professionals If you are a designer and your being bombarded with Digital Bigotry you can always point people to FrontPage Not for Professionals? Note: Chris mentions in the article  “The only two things that I really like the extensions for are so I can use the HTTP publishing through the FrontPage interface, FrontPage Includes (similar to “library files” in DW),” I want to make it clear that … Continue reading FrontPage Tips, FrontPage Forms and FrontPage Professionals

New Microsoft FrontPage Knowledge Base Articles

New Knowledge Base Articles A scripting function does not work when you use FrontPage 2003 to insert a Web page into an existing Web page Posted – 11/10/2005 You receive a “The folder ‘URL’ isn’t accessible” error message when you use FrontPage 2003 to open a subsite Posted – 14/10/2005 You receive an error message when you use FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 to add roles to the Web site FrontPage Server Extensions Posted – 10/10/2005

New Microsoft Most Valued Professionals

New Awardees to the Microsoft MVP programme Congratulations are due to Joe Rohn of Timeforweb and Tom Brunt of OutFront on their  awards to the Microsoft Most Valued Professional Programme. Both Joe and Tom run awesome FrontPage Forums where you can find Help and Tips for your FrontPage needs.

Free Three Nested Table Layout Template with Cascading Style Sheet

Free Nested Table Template with CSS Essential Designs I was asked to make a CSS sheet for a nested table template, and I offered it for free to my FrontPage List Then I was asked for permission to link to the template. Since the graphics used were not mine I decided make the template a more permanent offering and the results can be seen at the Essential Designs link above. The Nested Table Template with a Cascading Style Sheet included is free to use for personal and business websites. Please read the user terms included.

Office 2003 Service Pack 2 – FrontPage Issues

Issues that are fixed in FrontPage 2003 by Office 2003 Service Pack 2 Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Office 2003 SP2 contains security enhancements, stability improvements, and performance improvements. Some of the fixes that are included with Office 2003 SP2 were previously released in Office 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or in separate updates. Office 2003 SP2 combines the previously released fixes into one update. Issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Office 2003 SP2 also fixes the following FrontPage 2003 issues that were not … Continue reading Office 2003 Service Pack 2 – FrontPage Issues

Update your links – New domain for Microsoft MVP – FrontPage Tiffany K. Edmonds

Tiffany K. Edmonds. Microsoft MVP – FrontPage – New domain name If you have links to Tiffany K. Edmonds Microsoft MVP – FrontPage old site you should know the domain was lost. Tiffany has now purchased so please update your hyperlinks to the domain  WITHOUT the dash please. This will help stablish Tiffany’s links in the search engines again, much faster.

FrontPage Addon – Space Replacer 2

Jimco Software Space Replacer 2 – Free FrontPage Addon Space Replacer 2Underscores and spaces in file namesRedirect old file names to new file names Space Replacer 2  – Remove spaces or replace them with the character of your choice. Space Replacer 2 makes it easy to remove spaces in folder and file names. You can also easily replace spaces with the character you choose. Space Replacer 2 will also update all links throughout a site automatically. When making file names you may have named the files with a space, in which case FrontPage will automatically fill the space with 20% … Continue reading FrontPage Addon – Space Replacer 2