Prepare before publishing your site


All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 – Part l, Doing Your Homework First

Publishing with FrontPage 2002, Choosing a domain, Finding a host, what bandwidth to you need? How much disk space do you want? Domain shopping checklist. Does this website require FrontPage Server Extensions? You have crafted your first site and you’re ready to publish it to the big wide world … but are you? It’s best to do some preparation before you take that next step.

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First Post – Welcome to my first blog

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally caught up and got myself a blog. Bear with my while I figure out this interface and how to actually blog. My idea of a blog is somewhere you keep a kind of diary, so I’ll be telling you things I’m doing and anything to do with FrontPage and web design that I think might be interesting.

I decided to streamline my FrontPage resource efforts and so I’ve been making and launching new sites to that end, it’s going to take me time but it will worth it to free up more of my time for other projects.

I recently started a new site called FrontPage Tips which I will be launching in the near future with weekly tips that will only be available via the ezine for free.

I’ve also launched another new site called AddonFP which is all about FrontPage Add ons and also has an update ezine which lets you know about addins that have been added to the site.

My main FrontPage site is AccessFP – FrontPage Resource Centre this is site is more like a portal and contains archives on older versions of FrontPage, with other FrontPage resources. This site also has a update Journal and lets you know what’s new about the site.

On the non-FrontPage front I also like to draw and have a Abstract Art site, I draw with gel ink pens and call my pictures doodles they are all originals.