Data Structures and Algorithms book

Myself and Luca are currently working on a free e-book that should be out near the end of the year, it will be a companion to the Data Structures and Algorithms project located on CodePlex.

The book use’s pseudo code to describe the solutions that we have created so that it can be easily ported to many imperative OO languages like C#, C++, and Java (amongst others).

We are targeting this book at intermediate to advanced programmers, however we do cover some of the basics to give the reader a hand in getting up to speed pretty quick with the terminology used etc.

Presently we have a few good reviewers on board, however if you are interested in this area and would like to be a reviewer then please get in touch with me so I can add you to the reviewers list.

p.s. as you may have noticed my blog has moved to so please post any comments there.

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