Design Patterns – Part 5 published

In this part of the series we look at the command pattern. I’ve also seen that Sonu has posted in the article quick links to the previous articles in the series as well. While the articles are not written in any specific order I would recommend that you read the first part before you read any of the others if only for motivation to learn more about design patterns. View it – Design Patterns – Part 5

A good book on Vim commands and a Vim emulator for VS

I’ve used Vim for quite some time on Windows (yep, not quite a Vim purist…) however, I have never actually read a book on Vim. For those who don’t know Vim is an awesome text editor with a really powerful set of commands you can issue via the keyboard. Why care? Well, using Vim commands when editing any sort of document really allows you to do stuff really quick once you have a pretty decent understanding of how to use the commands. Traversing text files and such like becomes a lot less mundane, performing edit based transformations becomes quick and … Continue reading A good book on Vim commands and a Vim emulator for VS