A tool I just couldn’t dream of living without…

I always use more than one monitor whether I am at work or home. Personally I don’t feel that the support in Windows for more than one monitor is that bad, however I can’t ever see the day when I drop Ultramon and switch back to what Vista gives you. I have built a strong dependency upon this tool, its just awesome.

A few of the features I seem to frequently use are:

  • Transfer to other screen button (Ultramon decorates each new window with an additional few buttons, the other being stretch across all monitors)
  • The smart taskbar (stretches the taskbar across your screens, each taskbar only contains the applications relative to that window)

Definitely worth the $40 asking price. If you are using more than one monitor then you will love this, I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer.

One thought on “A tool I just couldn’t dream of living without…

  1. Yeah weren’t sure how many people out there new of this tool, but I couldn’t use two or three monitors nowadays without it…

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