Intel Parallel Studio – a tool you will want

I’ve been using the Beta of this tool for a while now and its amazing. Do yourself a favour and download it – Note: on the webpage it says that there is a non-commercial version, I’m not sure what the extent to that is as the page wouldn’t load for me at the time of writing this.

A good book on Vim commands and a Vim emulator for VS

I’ve used Vim for quite some time on Windows (yep, not quite a Vim purist…) however, I have never actually read a book on Vim. For those who don’t know Vim is an awesome text editor with a really powerful set of commands you can issue via the keyboard. Why care? Well, using Vim commands when editing any sort of document really allows you to do stuff really quick once you have a pretty decent understanding of how to use the commands. Traversing text files and such like becomes a lot less mundane, performing edit based transformations becomes quick and … Continue reading A good book on Vim commands and a Vim emulator for VS

Our cries have finally been answered then?

I for one am very happy that the next version of Visual Studio will finally embrace what some of us have been requesting for a long time now – UML adoption. A few months ago I mentioned some stuff that would be in the next version of VS and now that more has been going on I am thoroughly pleased. For my part I’ve not really looked too much into what’s going on with the class diagrams etc and whether or not we will be graced with the standard l&f for UML diagrams. I for one hope that this does … Continue reading Our cries have finally been answered then?

Results: Using a dark theme in VS for a week

As I mentioned several days ago I’ve been seeing if a dark theme in VS would help my eyes a little. The short of it is – no, no it didn’t. The major sore point is that if you use a dark theme in VS then you find yourself constantly swapping between dark (VS) and light (web content, content in general). The latter of course doesn’t sound like its particularly good for you and I’d definitely concur with that. I actually found that my background was slightly off-white in my VS settings and since changing it to pure white around … Continue reading Results: Using a dark theme in VS for a week

Experiment: Using a dark theme in VS for a week

I’ve been highly critical of using dark themes in Visual Studio particularly because the UI of VS is light in its very nature. The combination of the two proving to be an interesting proposition when using VS for large durations of time. I digress. Recently I have suffered a few eye issues and I’m pretty much willing to try and use a dark theme now for more than an hour and then dismissing it in the hope that it may help me out a little. I have tried a few other minor solutions prior to this experiment, the most of … Continue reading Experiment: Using a dark theme in VS for a week

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 released

Download. Some stuff it includes: Some new WPF designer stuff (not sure what though – not really my area) ADO.NET Entity Designer Office MFC stuff (not sure if it also includes TR1, these two were bundled together earlier on in the year) Some improvements for the JavaScript support Background compilation for C# Also you will need SP1 to use VS2008 with SQL Server 2008 which was released a few days ago.

My Visual Studio vNext wish list

My wish list for Visual Studio vNext isn’t that long. The things I would like to see in Visual Studio vNext (I’m not that hopeful) are the following: A filtering intellisense members list box Some intelligent suggestions More refactoring options Unfortunately I am going to do the unmentionable and compare VS to Eclipse. A filtering intellisense members list box As the number of classes in the BCL grows, and with newer technologies arriving all the time I don’t think there has ever been a better time to implement this feature. Eclipse does a good job of it and is incredibly … Continue reading My Visual Studio vNext wish list